NAMM 2011: new guitar gear round-up

With the dust finally settled over Anaheim following NAMM 2011, it's a good time to reflect on the new guitar gear we can expect to be getting excited about over the coming year.

You can head over to MusicRadar for a full list of coverage including videos and galleries from the show floor, and scroll down for a selection of our top picks of acoustics, electrics and amps…


Yamaha a-series

Yamaha a-series

Yamaha A-Series electro acoustics

Martin D-45 Authentic, Performing Artists Series additions and Pete Seeger Artist Editions

Taylor Doyle Dykes Signature Model (DDSM)

Lag Tramontane Series

Takamine mini, classical and limited edition models

Ovation Adamas and Elite models

Guild Standard Series acoustic-electrics

Fender Classic Design Series

Ibanez Euphoria Steve Vai model

Peavey Composite Acoustics

LTD Xtone acoustics


Road worn player

Road worn player

Fender Road Worn Player Series and Wayne Kramer Stratocaster

Fender's Telebration anniversary Telecasters

Jackson PC Phil Collen Supreme

PRS Dweezil Zappa Signature

Gretsch George Harrison Tribute Duo Jet

Vox Series 22 solid body electrics

Music Man ohn Petrucci JPXI

Vintage V100AFD Paradise

Squier Vintage Modified Instruments

Epiphone Nighthawk Custom reissue

Fret-King Black Label Series Jerry Donahue signature electric

ESP Hetfield and Hammett signatures and LTD Slayer-2011 Reign In Blood guitar

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Orange th100

Orange th100

Orange TH100 head

Kemper Profiling Amp

Hayden MoFo 55 and 100 heads

Mesa/Boogie TransAtlantic TA-30 and Royal Atlantic RA-100

PRS Channel "C" and "H" amps and Recording amp

Blackstar HT-1 head and Series One additions

Rivera Rockcrusher

DigiTech TH-150, Classic-15 and Fusion Combo

Peavey Triple XXX and TransTube Special 212

Vox Night Train 50, TB35C1 and TB35C2, and AC30C2-RD Limited Vintage Red Edition

Fender G-DEC 3 Thirty Blues, Metal and Country amps, '65 Deluxe Reverb FSR and Mustang III, IV and V amps

Marshall YJM100 Yngwie Malmsteen signature head