NAMM 2011: Ovation unveils eight new guitars

Adamas I GT (top); Custom Legend (bottom)
Adamas I GT (top); Custom Legend (bottom)

NAMM 2011 PRESS RELEASE: The OP-Pro Studio preamp included in all of these guitars combines state-of-the-art audio quality with exclusive features designed to meet the needs of professional guitarists. The easy-to-operate unit offers 3-band EQ, exciter and compressor/limiter circuitry, and a chromatic tuner. Ovation's exclusive Expressor and Drive sliders put dynamic control and harmonic enhancement at your fingertips, allowing you to dial in the precise amount of sustain and punch required by the music.

Adamas I GT

Representing the ultimate craftsmanship from Ovation's flagship workshop in New Hartford, Connecticut, the Adamas 1687 GT features a unidirectional carbon-graphite suspended soundboard with Quintad bracing, which provides a bold, clear voice and lightning-fast response. Each top is precisely fitted with "AST" - Adamas Suspended Top - technology that allows the ultra-thin top to vibrate more freely than traditionally constructed acoustic guitars.

The non-cutaway Deep Bowl composite body is made by hand from fiberglass cloth and works in tandem with the top to enhance frequency response and improve projection. The Adamas GT's detailed ornamentation - including a carved peghead scroll, carved walnut bridge and elaborately decorated soundholes - make a striking visual statement.

Adamas II GT

The Contour composite body of the Adamas II GT is made by hand from fiberglass cloth and works in tandem with the top to enhance frequency response and improve projection. The 5-piece mahogany/maple neck has a resin-impreganted Walnut fretboard and Original Adamas II Design Maple fret inlays. The Adamas 2081GT also sports Ovation's Original Patented pickup.

Adamas WT

Hand-made in the USA, the top is made using AAA Grade solid spruce, finished with an ultra thin layer of satin urethane and hand fitted into the Suspended Top System. Adamas' "AST" (Adamas Suspended Top) technology allows the top to vibrate more freely than conventional top-to-body systems - now available in wood top models. The bodies are handmade fiberglass cloth - the thinnest and lightest material ever used on Ovation guitars, and the Ovation Contour body is the most ergonomically friendly body design on the market today. The neck is made from Honduras Mahogany and Maple and is carved to a vintage Ovation "soft-V" profile for a comfortable feel anywhere along the fretboard.

Legend AX

Ovation's new Legend AX brings pro-level playability, extraordinary sonic flexibility and world-class craftsmanship to players at unprecedented low price points. The Countour body is lightweight and ergonomically friendly, making the Legend one of the easiest guitars to use onstage. The preamp is voiced to sound natural with a flat EQ, and also offers a compression function to accentuate single notes.

Elite AX

The new Elite TX brings top-of-the-line Ovation features and benefits to lower price points, never offered before on Elite models. With top-shelf materials, superb craftsmanship and professional-grade electronics, the Elite TX has more to offer than acoustics that cost 2 or 3 times the price. The impressive dynamics are the product of select solid Spruce tops, braced to maximize vibration. The Contour body also gives clear projection and ergonomic advantage, as well as being the most comfortable acoustic body shape on the market today.

Elite TX D-Scale

Designed to deliver fat, chunky tones in today's popular baritone and drop tunings, the Elite TX D-Scales is tuned a full step lower: D-G-C-F-A-D. Capo the 2nd fret and you've got a standard tuned acoustic, but take off the capo and you've got a whole new instrument - opening up a world of possibilities for open tunings. The length is 28 1/3", extended scale length giving this guitar the voicing of a baritone with the playing ease of a standard 6-string. The top is solid spruce finished, in a lightweight textured black finish and with scalloped bracing to maximise top vibration and sustain. The neck is made from rock maple and finished in natural stain. The preamp is mated with the Ovation Original Patented Pickup, which provides even string-to-string output with any sting gage and any open tuning.

Custom Elite AX

The new Ovation Custom Elite AX is lighter, louder, richer and fuller - all the things you want your guitar to be… and it's a better bargain than ever! Featuring a premium soundboard made from hand-selected AAA solid-spruce top, matched with LX scalloped bracing, the Custom Elite responds evenly, from the lightest touch to hard, grinding power chords. Ovation's pioneering multi-soundhole design enhances string vibration and sustain by improving soundboard efficiency. A cutaway offers full access to the gloss-finished, 5-piece mahogany/maple neck, and a Contour composite body maximizes acoustic output and is ergonomically designed for comfort in any playing position. This guitar also boasts hand-inlaid abalone appointments, a deluxe grade ebony fretboard and bridge, and upper-bout soundholes decorated with exotic hardwoods.

Custom Legend AX

The new Custom Legend AX features a hand-selected, premium AAA grade solid-spruce top with LX scalloped bracing. This combination of premium soundboard materials and sonically tuned bracing produces more volume and fewer dead spots in the audio spectrum. Every note is clear and balanced - no matter where you play on the fingerboard. The guitar's Contour composite body maximizes acoustic out- put and is ergonomically designed for comfort in any playing position. A cutaway offers full access to the gloss-finished, 5-piece mahogany/maple neck. The Custom Legend AX also guitar boasts a deluxe grade ebony fretboard and bridge, and hand-set abalone body and fretboard inlays. The traditional center soundhole has a gorgeous laser-cut oak-leaf and abalone rosette.

Information taken from official press release, for more visit Ovation Guitars

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