NAMM 2011: Takamine launches 11 new guitars

EG450DLX-TBS (top); LTD2011 'iki' (bottom)
EG450DLX-TBS (top); LTD2011 'iki' (bottom)



Your stage presence will hit an-all time high with this beauty from Takamine. Designed to catch the eyes as well as the ears of the audience, this model is "deluxe" in every way. Built on the incredibly comfortable Takamine NEX small jumbo body shape, the EG450DLX-TBS is first and foremost a player's guitar. The tone is powerful and balanced, and will sit prominently in the mix. The neck is solid, fast and adorned with beautiful genuine abalone inlay. An impeccably executed "vintage" sunburst adds to the beauty of the solid spruce top, and is accented by the exquisitely inlaid pickguard that finishes off the classic vibe of the instrument. Also available in Gloss Black to make an even bolder statement.

EG630S-VV / EG444C-VV / EG430S-VV

Visually stunning and sonically powerful: that is the perfect description for these potent stage guitars from Takamine. Built on our NEX "small jumbo" body and our sweet little New Yorker size, these guitars handle performance duties with style and grace. The Vintage Violin finish brings out the impressive dimension of the highly figured mahogany body.


Classical guitars can suffer from falling into a 'generic' design. With this model, however, we've applied the same, subtle aesthetic treatment that can be found on the EF440SC-BL. Black finish and predominantly black binding add an air of class, with just a hint of rebelliousness, to this fine instrument. And remember, classical guitar is where the story of Takamine all began!


The EF341SC has long been one of our most successful models, finding itself in the hands of world-renowned artists night after night. Now available as a left handed model, no-one need feel left out.


Only offered in Europe, the EF300BK's striking chunky herringbone rosette, white binding and Takamine logo on the headstock offer a contrast against the gloss black finish that really moves this guitar to the fore.


Designed as a tribute to our very first limited edition model in 1987, this addition to the successful EF300 series of guitars is finished in a pearlescent Brilliant White. The appearance is made all the more striking by its contrasting black headstock cap, scratchplate, and chunky herringbone rosette. And with specifications in line with our previous EF300 guitars, you can be assured of an instrument which will grab attention for more than its looks alone.

The nature of the finish on this guitar means that it is classed as a 'Special Edition', with a maximum of 12 being available in any given month.


The latest model in our Tradesman Series of "purpose built" guitars. This beautiful dreadnought cannon is built using the most highly sought-after tonewoods and crafted with a meticulous attention to every detail. We sought out the finest specimens of red (Adirondack) spruce for the soundboards, which gives this instrument a voice that sings with an incredibly broad range and near limitless "banjo killing" power. The back and sides are solid Madagascar rosewood, which accentuates the dynamics and harmonic richness of the soundboard. The trim level exudes elegance. From the tight, herringbone

purfling to the highly figured maple binding, every detail inspires confidence that you own the finest performance guitar available today at any price.

LTD2011 'iki'

Created in the spirit of "Iki", which is the traditional aesthetic ideal that seeks to promote an emotional connection between the person and the object, the LTD2011 isthis year's offering in the continuing LTD Series from Takamine Guitars. The unique feature sets on this instrument will be offered only this year and never appear together again. This fine instrument is based on our NEX, "small jumbo" platform, which is designed for impeccable balance across the entire playable range. The voice is sweet and expressive and not only blends nicely with a singer but will happily respond to more aggressive playing techniques with boldness and clarity. Aside from the impressive musical character of the guitar, there is the visually stunning application of shell and fabric brought to life in the form of Asian goldfish swimming about in the deep, Indigo burst finish of the soundboard. Ripples are depicted by an artfully crafted inlay consisting of gold string that is traditionally used to wrap gifts given at weddings and used to symbolise the gift givers wishes of good health and fortune. As with every Takamine guitar, only the very finest tonewoods are used in the build process to assure a most rewarding playing experience. When the time comes to make music, every bit of the harmonic richness of the instrument will come through loud and clear, with an electronic package that is "beyond state of the art" with the CTP-2 preamp, the first and only "Tube" preamp built into an acoustic guitar.


The new G Series Mini guitars combine deluxe appointments on an NEX inspired body shape, resulting in a travel-size guitar with the build quality and playability that you would expect from any Takamine G Series guitar. Elegance is on display with the narrow waist and shoulders, bound top and back and quality tone woods. The new Minis come with a durable gig bag for easy transport wherever your playing takes you.

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