Best of 2017: MusicRadar's review of the year

Gear round-ups and hands-ons

First look video: Ableton Live 10 Echo delay
Dubbed-out delay device

First look video: Ableton Live 10 Wavetable synth
Our initial impressions on one of Live’s newest devices

Native Instruments Maschine mkIII: MusicRadar hands-on
Third generation hybrid beat-machine

Roland Boutique SE-02: MusicRadar hands-on
New collaboration goes all-analogue

Elektron Digitakt - MusicRadar hands-on
Swedish manufacturer goes back to its digital roots

Mooer Ocean Machine - MusicRadar hands-on
Devin Townsend's all-encompassing delay/reverb pedal demo'd

Akai MPC Live - MusicRadar hands-on
Early impressions of Akai’s portable sampler

TC Electronic Hall Of Fame 2 Reverb - MusicRadar hands-on
Shimmer and MASH-equipped pedal demoed

MusicRadar hands-on: ROLI Blocks
First impressions of the entry-level MPE controller

Novation Circuit Mono Station - MusicRadar hands-on
What do you get when you cross Circuit with a Bass Station II?

Vox MV50 amp heads - MusicRadar hands-on
First Nutube-loaded amps are here

Sterling By Music Man St Vincent STV60 - MusicRadar hands-on
Annie Clark’s affordable signature model demoed

Pioneer DJ AS-1 synth - MusicRadar hands-on
Our initial thoughts on the latest Toraiz production tool

MusicRadar hands-on: DigiTech FreqOut
In-depth with the Natural Feedback Creator pedal

MusicRadar hands-on: Electro-Harmonix Canyon delay & looper pedal
The first video demo of EHX's latest all-encompassing stompbox

MusicRadar hands-on: Teenage Engineering PO-32 Tonic
We take a closer look at the newest Pocket Operator

Mooer Micro Preamp pedals & Baby Bomb 30 - MusicRadar hands-on
A micro-Mooer-athon

MusicRadar hands-on: Squier Affinity Series Jazzmaster HH & Bullet Mustang HH
Two budget guitars demoed and discussed

MusicRadar hands-on: DOD Carcosa Fuzz & KHDK Scuzz Box pedals
Two hot guitar fuzzes demoed and discussed

Yamaha CS-80: MusicRadar retro hands-on
The grand old synth of yore


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