Yamaha CS-80: MusicRadar retro hands-on

 Joe Rossitter and Simon Arblaster go back to a time before MIDI and control voltages to have a little tinkle with one of the most revered and recognisable synthesizers of all time, the grand old CS-80.

The CS-80 landed in the late 70s with 8-voice polyphony, aftertouch, a ribbon controller, 22 presets and six users presets. Was the world ready for such a beast? Well no, as it set you back a, rather prohibitive, price of £4950 and weighed over 200 lbs. 

Fast forward 40 years and not much has changed. It still weighs a ton, the second hand price for one can be in excess of £15k and unless you got a Kenton MIDI conversion retro-fitted, you’re still going to be putting your fingers to work on those velocity-sensitive keys.

Although we’d never be able to afford one, let alone have the room in our home studios for one, we couldn’t help fall in love with the tolex-wrapped hunk of temperamental gorgeousness.

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Simon Arblaster
Video Producer & Reviews Editor

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