Best of 2017: MusicRadar's review of the year

Tips and tutorials

5 essential blues guitar turnaround solos
Expand your key blues vocabulary

How to play percussive acoustic guitar
Get your rhythm right with this easy lesson

Guitar setup: how to fix a broken jack socket
A step-by-step guide to repairing your electric's output

5 ways to get the most from your band practice
Improve your productivity with communication, commitment and, er, compliments

Class up your guitar solos with these 15 vintage blues licks
Master the styles of Muddy Waters, Otis Rush, T-Bone Walker and more

Guitar basics: getting started with lead playing
Try out your first solo lick with this easy, beginner-friendly lesson

How to play slap bass
A beginner lesson in slap and pop, with tab and audio

Guitar setup: how to solve your tuning problems
Keep your guitar in tune

20 ingenious Radiohead chords you need to learn
Voicings that will open your mind and change the way you play guitar

10 classic bass tones - and how to get them
The secrets behind some of the best tones of all time

Guitar basics: how to solo over a 12-bar blues chord progression
Essential tips for the perennial chord progression

How to choose the right guitar pickups for you
Do your research, experiment and nail your dream tone

How to play with other musicians: 5 essential tips
Digital tools and analogue friendships

9 ways to keep the inspiration flowing when you're making music
Avoid writer's block and other show-stopping production snags with our tips

How to isolate a vocal from a full mix in your DAW
Learn a simple trick for acapella acquisition

9 genre-spanning music theory tips
Make better R&B, pop, reggae, blues, funk, jazz, trance and techno

How to set up your monitors in your studio
Buying the right speakers is only the first half of your monitoring journey - now you've got to place them correctly…

12 essential pro mastering tips
Indispensable advice to help you improve your masters

8 mastering myths debunked
We sort the gossip from the gold

The music theory behind the hits: stars’ techniques explained
Find out why deadmau5, Prince, Hans Zimmer and The Chainsmokers sound like they do

6 beat programming tricks that will spice up your arrangements
Half a dozen ideas to help you take your listeners off the beat’n track

10 tricks that the pros use to add punch and power to their mixes
Get your tracks hitting harder than ever with our dectet of pro techniques

8 classic recipes for a perfect drop
Need arrangement inspiration? Here are some of the most common build-and-drop blueprints in dance music

16 quick-fire ways to come up with a hook
Every hook is different - will one of these effects be the silver bullet for your next catchy motif?

How to make a Paleo Bounce track
We show you how to create the ultimate old-school sound!

5 Ableton Live power tips
Optimise your workflow and get more done with these essential techniques

7 FL Studio power tips
Improve your production workflow with these techniques

5 Logic Pro X power tips
Want to get more out of Apple's brilliant DAW? Step right this way…

10 ways to create monstrous big room synth sounds
Tips and tricks for designing attention-seeking hooks that slice through the mix

8 things that everyone should know about music theory
A bunch of theory tips to put into practice the next time you're looking for a boost of musical inspiration

Learn Ableton Live: music production tips and tutorials
Explore drum programming, sampling, synthesis, DJing, devices, Racks and more


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