Best of 2017: MusicRadar's review of the year

The weird and the wonderful

Watch this lumberjack guitarist deliver killer chops with his axe guitar
Shotgun guitar player Rev. Peyton returns

Gibson's Les Paul-inspired watch costs more than a Les Paul
Guitar giant pairs with Raymond Weil for opulent timepiece

Gibson launches Burstdriver Les Paul Standard with built-in overdrive pedal
A Custom Shop guitar with a secret weapon

Bassists are the most important member of any band, according to study
Scientific findings indicate low-end is crucial for music lovers

Fender’s latest Stratocaster reigns Supreme
Skate co teams up with guitar giant

Joe Satriani: these are the guitarists who turned me down for G3
Guitar god answers your questions for World Guitar Day 2017

This thermochromic Fender Tele finish changes with temperature
Joywave guitarist shows off amazing Moodcaster

Fancy a pair of Adidas/Roland 808 sneakers? Tough, they’re not for sale
Custom prototype trainers are fully functioning beat makers

Expressive mPiano controller arrives on Kickstarter, complete with Jordan Rudess signature model
Alpha Pianos aims to take its futuristic keyboard into production

HyVibe Audio's Smart Acoustic Guitar features a built-in speaker, multi-FX, recorder and amp
Bluetooth-equipped instrument promises to do it all

Transform your electric guitar into a banjo with Guitar-Jo
Ingenious accessory is surprisingly convincing

Create dancing mushrooms in your DAW
The Mushroom Generator plugin is here

Modestep play the IceCold gig strung-up between two mountains and live to tell the tale
Jägermeister throws more artists to the elements

Turns out the Universe is one massive space synth and you can hear it
NASA releases the sounds of the known Universe

Is this 240-step sequencer the largest ever made?
You’ll be hard pushed getting this into a rack

This is quite possibly the largest synthesizer orchestra ever assembled
A [For 100 Cars] performed live

Man draws a unicorn in a MIDI editor and it actually sounds good
A fantastic and majestical creature is brought to life through music

This new plug ‘n’ play kit lets you create your own robotic band
The dadamachines automat toolkit is all you need to get started


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