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Is this 240-step sequencer the largest ever made?

Meet Ivy, a 240-step sequencer-synthesizer, which is has to be largest hardware sequencer made? If not, it certainly looks the longest.

This particular interactive sound installation allows you to create rhythmic compositions. The hardware consists of an Arduino mega with 74hc4067 multiplexers, a Teensy board for LED control, ws2811 LEDs and 240 10k sliders. While software coding comes courtesy of Max/MSP.

The project is created specially for Open Codes exhibition at the ZKM centre in Karlsruhe, which is dedicated to codes and programming in art. 

Dmitry Morozov, who also goes by the name of ::vtol:: is the brains behind the project and had this to say: “On one side, Ivy is a representation of an archaic method of electronic music programming for analog synthesizers. On the other side - gigantic scale and obsessive multiplication of simple primitive elements turns this project into an art installation, that is referring to the topic of graphic and physical organisation of parameters in electronic music.”

An 'archaic' method it maybe, but we’re sure you’ll agree this particular sequencer looks like it could kick out some rather complex rhythms indeed.

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