Joe Satriani: these are the guitarists who turned me down for G3

WORLD GUITAR DAY 2017: Joe Satriani’s G3 tour always features a stellar line-up of all-star guitar players, but as part of a candid Facebook live chat for this year’s World Guitar Day celebrations, Joe revealed the big-name guitarists who have declined his invitation over the years.

In response to the question, ‘has anyone ever turned you down?’, Satch had this to say:

For many years, I was asking Eddie Van Halen… but that never went anywhere!

“In G3, we were talking about Carlos Santana, I’ve asked Jeff Beck many times and never got a yes. For many years, I was asking Eddie Van Halen… but that never went anywhere!

“Maybe one day Eddie, Carlos, Jimmy Page… they’ll all come out!”

During his answer, Joe also revealed the one producer he can never get to sign on to produce his albums.

“I tried to get Brian Eno excited about producing a record for me, and he turned me down twice, so there you go: I guess that’ll never happen. [laughs]”

Head over to around 49:50 in the live video above to hear Joe’s answer to the original question from fan Matt Allbright.

Throughout the hour-long Q&A, Joe also goes in deep with technique tips, favourite gear, song inspirations and new album, What Happens Next?, out on 11 January. For die-hard Satch and guitar fans alike, it's well worth a watch.

Michael Astley-Brown

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