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Man draws a unicorn in a MIDI editor and it actually sounds good

A tweet sent out by Andrew Huang, featuring a video showing us what a unicorn drawn in a MIDI editor sounds like, is doing rather well for itself in the ‘going viral’ department. 

The tweet, which was sent out only yesterday, has already been Liked well over 100,000 times, and is about to break the 100,000 retweets barrier. But probably most the most remarkable fact is that it sounds a lot better than you’d think it would. Don’t take our word for it - listen for yourself.

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You can forget your classic dance music risers, as we’re sure you’ll agree that it’s the unicorn’s horn that really ties the whole thing together. 

Many Twitter users have doffed their caps to what has to be one of the best reimaginings of this mythical beast since Ubercorn from the Go-Jetters hit our screens.

If you want to create your own piece of musical artwork, check out our guide to making a MIDI picture in your DAW’s piano roll editor

UPDATE: Andrew has also created a video showing how he created the MIDI unicorn, which you can watch below.

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