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Welcome to Metal Week on MusicRadar - seven days dedicated to the sonic assault that is heavy metal. Whether you're into Mastodon or Maiden, grindcore or glam, we'll have something for you guaranteed.

Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello has already kicked us off by writing about his 13 greatest metal albums of all time. Tom will be back later in the week, revealing all about his involvement with the new Iron Man 2 movie - a movie already metal enough thanks to the release of that cracking AC/DC soundtrack.

Later this week, Billy Corgan will be blogging about his favourite metal albums ever, we'll have some great articles on Sabbath, Maiden and Metallica, some classic YouTube clips, plus some killer interviews. Did anyone say exclusive track-by-track of British Steel with Judas Priest?

Naturally, we'll be going heavy on what it takes to make the music. From expert tuition to gear guides (just check these 7-string monsters!), we'll have everything for the musician who wants to get… heavier.

On Wednesday we'll bring you the results our Ask MusicRadar poll to find the Greatest Heavy Metal Album Of All Time. Thanks to your votes and help from our sister site Metal Hammer, the voting has proved even more popular than our Riff Week poll back in January.

Who'll win? Well, Sunn O))) fans might have some ground to make up but honestly, it's all still up in the air. If you haven't voted already, get voting now!

We'll be keeping this hub page updated with all this week's content so keep it bookmarked - but enough words! Let Metal Week commence!

Metal Week

The 50 Greatest Heavy Metal Albums Of All Time
Ask MusicRadar: you voted, we counted, now find out who won!

A history of death metal
From Cannibal Corpse to Deicide, Morbid Angel to Death

SampleRadar: 252 free heavy metal drum samples
Thunderous beats to kickstart your productions

Tom Morello on the Iron Man 2 soundtrack
"I put big fat rock on the score"

1980s heavy metal explosion: a guide to sub-genres
Death, thrash, speed, hair, grindcore and many more!

Black Sabbath: a career in pictures
The history of heavy metal's most influential band

A history of thrash metal
From the Big Four - Anthrax, Metallica, Megadeth and Slayer - to the new wave

Billy Corgan's 10 greatest heavy metal albums of all time
Smashing Pumpkins star picks his favourites

Judas Priest's Glenn Tipton and KK Downing talk British Steel
Guitar stars on 1980 heavy metal classic

Tom Morello's 13 greatest heavy metal albums of all time
Rage Against The Machine star picks his favourites

The ultimate gear guide for heavy metal guitarists
Killer metal amps and axes reviewed and rated

How to make heavy metal music
Video, audio, guitar tab, production tips and advice

The worst heavy metal album covers of all time
You wait until we update it!

A-Z of heavy metal
From Anthrax to Zakk Wylde in 26 kick-ass steps!

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Other metal content on MusicRadar


12 killer metal signature axes reviewed and rated:
Ibanez MTM1 Mick Thompson Signature
Jackson Matt Tuck Rhoads
Jackson Adrian Smith San Dimas DK
Dean Dimebag Darrell DBD Tribute ML
Jackson Phil Demmel Demmelition King V
EVH Wolfgang
Fender Dave Murray Stratocaster
Epiphone Slash Signature Les Paul Standard Plus Top
ESP LTD James Hetfield Signature Truckster
PRS SE Paul Allender
Jackson Pro Series Randy Rhoads RR24
Dean Dave Mustaine Vehement

8 ferocious heavy metal amps reviewed and rated:
Marshall 2203KK Kerry King signature amp
Randall Kirk Hammett RM100KH
Mesa/Boogie Multi-Watt Dual Rectifier head
Hughes & Kettner Switchblade
EVH 5150 III head
Peavey 3120 head
Diezel VH4 head
Blackstar Series 1 S1-200 head

Round-up: 4 brutal 7-string electric guitars
Round-up: 3 extreme 8-string electric guitars
Round-up: 4 Floyd Rose-equipped electric guitars
12 best amps for heavy metal


Modern metal guitar with Pin from SikTh
Opeth show you how to play Heir Apparent
Wes Borland from Limp Bizkit on two-handed tapping
A monster riff from Limp Bizkit's Wes Borland
How to play Killing In The Name by Rage Against The Machine
Play lead guitar like Metallica's Kirk Hammett
20 hot metal production tips
Slayer's Kerry King's top three playing tips
Play better rhythm: Drop D riffing
Marty Friedman on breaking out of a rut
John 5 on combining sweeping with tapping
Paul Gilbert on trying new pentatonic positions
Play better rhythm: Mixing rhythm and lead like Eddie Van Halen


Campaign to make Heavy Metal an official religion
Heavy metal university: fundamental or mental?
SampleRadar: 400 free heavy metal guitar samples
BLOG: Going back to the Heavy Metal Parking Lot
EXCLUSIVE: Slayer's Kerry King on keeping music heavy
BLOG: Metal band names explained!
6 career defining records of Black Sabbath's Bill Ward

Iron Maiden

Interview: Iron Maiden on their enduring appeal
EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Fender Iron Maiden signature guitars
10 reasons why Iron Maiden deserved their Brit Award
NAMM 2008: Paiste and Iron Maiden drummer collaborate
Review: Fender Steve Harris Precision bass


Metallica Week on MusicRadar!
Metallica Week: Kirk Hammett interview
Metallica Week: Lars Ulrich speaks about Death Magnetic
Metallica Week: Tone tips for 5 classic tracks
Metallica Week: James Hetfield on down-picking and playing live
Metallica Week: Master Of Puppets voted band's best album
Metallica's Death Magnetic: the track-by-track guide


AC/DC ready to rock Iron Man 2 at Download Festival
13 idiotic AC/DC facts
AC/DC Black Ice review: world exclusive
15 Gretsch electric guitar stars (feat Malcolm Young)
Phil Rudd, AC/DC Special Edition Drum Set Released By Sonor
Let There Be Rock: early AC/DC in photographs
Highway To Hell: Most requested funeral song?

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