Video: Opeth show you how to play Heir Apparent

Fredrik kesson (left) and Mikael kerfeldt (right) backstage at Bristol Academy
Fredrik kesson (left) and Mikael kerfeldt (right) backstage at Bristol Academy

In this video lesson, Opeth guitarists Mikael Åkerfeldt and Fredrik Åkesson take you through their 2008 track Heir Apparent. The song is a seven-minute epic, laden with all the dual guitars, acoustic interludes and time signature changes we've come to expect from the Swedish prog-metallers.

Opeth are fairly unique in the metal world in that they use standard tuning almost exclusively. "We don't need to tune down to sound heavy," says frontman Åkerfeldt.

Nor, it would seem, do Opeth need to use a stadium-sized backline to sound heavy - the guys recorded this entire tutorial using Roland Micro Cube amps.

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