Let There Be Rock: early AC/DC in photographs

Let there be lame outfits!
Let there be lame outfits!

To celebrate what may or may not be AC/DC's last world tour, Proud Camden announces Let There Be Rock, a photographic exhibit of early band shots that happens to coincide with the almost-30th anniversary of singer Bon Scott's death.

The AC/DC in these photos aren't the mega-selling, stadium-storming veterans of today; rather, they're a fresh-faced, wide-eyed and not-so-innocent bunch of ruffians who could hardly have predicted their incredible success - much less their staying power.

Shot through the lens of celebrated rock photographer Philip Morris, this collection shines new light on members of the original line-up (not to mention some very questionable fashions), including unseen images of the late Bon Scott alongside his iconic band mates. This will be the first time these photos are showcased in the UK.

For those about to look at the pictures, the event runs from 5 February - 31 May at Proud Camden, The Horse Hospital, The Stables Market, Chalf Farm Road, London NW1 8AH.

For more information, contact Janine Limb at Proud Galleries: +44(0) 20 7839 4942. You can also contact janine@proudgalleries.co.uk or www.proud.co.uk.

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