Modern metal guitar with Pin from SikTh

With a unique angle on composition, incredible rhythm section work and an outlandish and highly original modern rock guitar approach, SikTh have received worldwide critical acclaim.

In this video lesson, SikTh guitarist Pin takes you through a few examples of the band's modern metal guitar style. Many of SikTh's unusual sounding riffs incorporate different areas of modern rock lead technique, such as picking-hand and fretting-hand tapping.

Although the licks here are quite complicated, they become easier to understand once you've memorised how they sound. It's important, as with all technical playing, to start really slow and ensure that each note is accurate and clean before speeding up.


We've got four examples here - click for full-sized tab. You can also take a look at our tab guide for help with guitar notation.

The SikTh tone

SikTh guitarists Dan Weller and Pin use PRS guitars and handmade customs courtesy of Blackmachine guitars. Their amps of choice are Peavey, with Line 6 effects.

To get a similar tone you will need a guitar with a powerful bridge humbucker and a high-gain amp with the midrange backed off and the treble and bass full on. For the video here, Pin used a Blackmachine guitar loaded with Bare Knuckle pickups through a high-gain setting on IK Multimedia's Amplitube 2.

More information is on the official SikTh website.