Snark SN-10 Pedal Tuner

Headstock guitar tuner moves to the floor

We've been impressed with Snark's headstock guitar tuners' speed and accuracy. On the downside, they are a little battery hungry. If you'd prefer to do it on the floor, the new SN-10 pedal tuner could fit the bill.

Once again we get that retro space-age vibe in the shaping of the reassuringly tough, weighty metal casing. Along with the in and out side-mounted jack sockets we get input for a 9V DC adaptor (not supplied) plus an output to power another effect and calibration up/down buttons with a 415 to 466Hz range.

In Use

Like the Snark headstock tuners, once engaged (which mutes the output) the display, with its different colour bars, is extremely accurate and fast to recognise pitch.

However, while it's bright enough for most dim indoor venues, it disappears in sunlight. No tuning range is quoted but it easily handles electric bass and the top E on a 24-fret electric. It advertises true bypass, and certainly seems to have little if any effect on the signal.

MusicRadar Rating

4 / 5 stars

Rugged construction. Tuning speed and accuracy.


Needs a brighter display for those outdoor gigs.


Another day, another chromatic stompbox tuner. The SN-10 is tough, fast and accurate and probably just cheap enough to challenge the industry standard Boss TU-3.

Country of Origin



True bypass, chromatic tuning

Audio Inputs

1/4 Inch Jack Input

Audio Outputs

1/4 Inch Jack Output

Batteries Included


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