Is Zildjian about to reissue its Z Series? This not-so-covert teaser video certainly suggests so

Metal fans, rejoice! Zildjian appears to be cooking up a surprise for next week, and all the signs are pointing towards the return of its Z (or possibly Z Custom) cymbal range: a staple in heavy setups throughout the mid-'80s-late '00s.

The intrigue began today as the cymbal brand (which is now into its fifth century of cymbal production) posted a sort-of-but-not-really cryptic teaser video entitled Bring Back… featuring a number of hard hitters.

At the end of the video, it cuts to a detailed close-up showing the distinctive Zildjian Z star-shaped hammering pattern, with the words "Coming 4.9.2024", which, happens to be this coming Tuesday.

Now, if you’ve ever seen a Z series cymbal, you’ll recognise the hammering pattern Originally introduced in 1986, the Z Series was a hit with rock and heavy metal players who wanted more aggression, volume and cut from their cymbals. It’s this earlier incarnation of the Z line that is associated with the star-shaped hammer marks, which were applied by machine. 

Zildjian Z

(Image credit: Zildjian)

The Z range was discontinued in 1994, when Zildjian applied its ‘Custom’ treatment to the Z formula, resulting in the Z Customs. These featured a circular hammer mark, arranged in a distinctive spiralised pattern. 

Amongst the much-loved models from the original Z series were the Heavy Power Ride, Dyno Beat hi-hats, and Power Smash. The combination K/Z hi-hats found favour with players of all genres, but a particular standout was the Mega Bell ride, which appeared as both a Z and Z Custom model, delivering a slicing, clear sound from its oversized bell section, perfect for the demands of heavy music.

Zildjian Z3

(Image credit: Future)

The Z Custom line was revamped in 2009 as the Z3, which lived on until 2013. Now, with heavier playing styles going strong, it appears we’re about to see a reincarnation. Will it be Z? Z Custom? Both? Or possibly a new range based on the heritage of both? According to Zildjian’s post, all will be revealed on Tuesday!

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