NAMM 2024: Tama’s 50th anniversary releases include an acrylic Starclassic Mirage, marble-finished Iron Cobras and Mastercraft snares

Tama 50th anniversary releases
(Image credit: Tama)

Tama is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year, and it’s going big on the gear releases to mark it. We’ve already seen the surprise, non-limited edition reissue of the Tama Mastercraft Bell Brass 14”x6.5” snare, but that’s just the beginning. With products ranging from bonkers paint jobs to transparent acrylic, to the return of some other old favourites in the snare department. Let’s take a look.

Tama 50th Limited Edition Starclassic Mirage

Tama 50th anniversary releases

(Image credit: Tama)

It’s fair to say that Ludwig has first dibs on the acrylic drums reputation (and it’s just announced a new Vistalite finish for 2024). But, Tama was making plastic fantastic in the ’70s too, and for 2024, it’s once again added the Starclassic Mirage to its catalogue. It makes its return in clear Crystal Ice, and Tama is offering it in a five-piece, two-up/two-down configuration, with a matching 14”x6.5” snare available as an add-on.

The Starclassic Mirage features seamless acrylic shells, and each drum is fitted with black nickel die-cast hoops (with StarCast tom mounts on the rack toms). 

50th Limited Iron Cobra Marble bass drum pedals

Tama 50th anniversary releases

(Image credit: Tama)

The Iron Cobra is an icon of the bass drum pedal world, and to mark its 50th birthday, Tama has shown us what it would look like if a Cobra got loose in a bowling ball factory. The ‘Marble’ designs come in two flavours: Coral Swirl and Psychedelic Rainbow, both of which will ensure that you’ll never get your pedals mixed-up on a kit share again.

Paint jobs aside, it’s the Iron Cobra we know and love, available in single or double configurations, equipped with Tama’s Rolling Glid or Power Glide cams in both finish options.

Tama 50th Limited Edition Superstar Reissue

Tama 50th anniversary releases

(Image credit: Tama)

The Superstar was launched two years after the Tama name arrived, and Tama credits the Superstar’s success to its all-birch (the first shell of its kind), 6-ply/9mm-thick shells. Now, it’s brought the Superstar back using the original shell formula, period-correct hardware and a matching interior finish for a faithful recreation of its much-loved kit.

It comes in four finishes: Aqua Marine, Cherry Wine, Super Mahogany and Super Maple, all of which are offered in a four-piece shell pack configuration comprising a 22”x14” bass drum, equal-depth 10”x8” and 12”x8” rack toms and a 16”x16” floor tom.

50th Limited Mastercraft Steel, Rosewood and Artwood Reissue Snares

Tama’s Mastercraft snare drums (which includes the hallowed Bell Brass) have remained incredibly popular with collectors since their introduction in the ’80s. Here, Tama has selected the Mastercraft Steel, Rosewood and Artwood snares for reissue in order to mark its anniversary.

All three are offered 14”x6.5” shells, while the Rosewood and Artwood models also come as 14”x5” models. Each drum is fitted with a number of shared appointments including Superstar lugs and logo/badge; Tama’s Roller Action snare strainer/butt system; full-contact, 18-strand carbon steel long snare wires and 10-hole die cast hoops. 

The Steel shell is 1.7mm thick, while the Rosewood model is 7.5mm/15-ply and the Artwood is 9mm/6-ply, complete with ornate, centre-inlaid detailing.


It’s not all big-ticket items, as Tama has also released some anniversary essentials. Starting with the  Quick-Set Cymbal Mates, these quick-release cymbal fasteners are available in 50th anniversary colours: Gray, Orange and Purple.

If you want to avoid bass drum-creep in style, then how about a 50th anniversary drum rug? It measures 2m x 1.8m and features a 50th anniversary design. Finally, there’s the Tama 50th anniversary drum sticks. Made from Japanese Oak, they’re stamped to mark Tama’s 50th anniversary and are available in 5A, 5B AND 7a sizes.  

Visit the Tama website to check out all of the brand's 50th anniversary releases.

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