NAMM 2024: "This new colour is a nod to the bold spirit of drummers who dare to break the mold" - Ludwig names 'Purple' its colour of 2024 as it unveils an all-new Vistalite finish

Ludwig is kicking off 2024 by announcing that Purple is its ‘Color of the year’, and as such has lifted the lid on an all-new flavour of its iconic acrylic Vistalite drums in, you guessed it, Purple.

The new finish is displayed with its own promo video, without a single Prince reference (but soundtracked with a song whose drum track tips its hat to Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit). 

“A bold new color regal in presence that transcends the ordinary, crafted to be as visually stunning as they are sonically powerful.” says Ludwig. “This new color is a nod to the bold spirit of drummers who dare to break the mold. Resonate in a color that reflects your individuality and sets you apart. Proudly handcrafted in the USA.”

Of course, this is a simple — albeit very good-looking —colour addition, and the drums themselves follow the same design and build as other Vistalite drums. That’s 6mm-thick acrylic, complete with reinforced seams and a 45-degree bearing edge.

The Purple Vistalite is available in three familiar Ludwig configurations: Fab (22”x14” bass drum, 13”x9” rack tom and 16”x16” floor tom); Pro Beat (24”x14” bass drum, 13”x9” rack tom and 16”x16” floor tom) and Zep (26”x14”, 14”x10” rack tom, 16”x16” and 18”x16” floor toms, plus a 14”x6.5” snare). As well as the preset configurations, all drums are available individually with 10”x8” and 12”x8” rack toms, plus 14”x5” snare drums also available.

Elsewhere, Ludwig has added three finish options to its Classic Oak range, with Brown Burst, Blue Bust and Green Burst now available. Ludwig describes the new colours as, “A collection of new sophisticated shades that add a touch of timeless elegance that evokes the essence of Classic Oak drums.”

Meanwhile, the Classic Maple range has a limited edition White Abalone wrap added to its standard outfit configurations. 85 kits will be made in total, with Downbeat, Fab and Pro Beat sizes all included.

For more information, visit the Ludwig website.

Stuart Williams

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