What's on Day Two of Drum Expo 2013

DRUM EXPO 2013: Wow, what a day we had yesterday at our first ever online drum show! Thanks to all of you who got involved here, and on the MusicRadar Twitter and Rhythm Twitter channels. Today we'll be sharing even more stuff and across the Radar Facebook and Rhythm Facebook pages too.

Gear Channel

Looking for a new acoustic or e-drums kit? Cymbals? Congas? Mounting system? Custom snare? Bass drum pedal? Check out the seriously slick gear in our gorgeous virtual booths from V-Drums, Dream Cymbals, Natal, Premier, Liberty Drums, Yamaha, EcHo Custom Drums, Guru, Gon Bops, Sabian, Gretsch and Gibraltar.


If you haven't entered the official Drum Expo 2013 competition with Crush Drums yet, do so now to be in with the chance of wining a Crush Acrylic Kit and 14x6" hand-hammered copper snare worth £1,298!

What's more, 15 lucky runners up will each receive a pair of Los Cabos 5A White Hickory drum Sticks, a 14" Remo Ambassador drum head and Liquid Rhythm software from Wave DNA.

Click here for more details on this exclusive competition.

Seminar Channel

We had huge successes with all of our guest lesons yesterday from the likes of Chad Smith, Peter Erskine, Rich Redmond, Jojo Mayer, Dave Elitch and more.

Today, we have guest lessons happening throughout the day, right up until 6pm this evening so you can bet we've got your entertainment and learning covered once more. There are seven guest lessons happening today: Gregg Bissonette will show how to play Led Zep's 'Fools In The Rain', and Stephen Perkins from Jane's Addiction will teach you 'Been Caught Stealing'; there will also be lessons from Matt Halpern, Curt Bisquera, Chris Adler, Cobus Potgeiter, and Gil Sharone and Stanton Moore.

Click here to download the official Drum Expo 2013 Live Timetable.

If you want to play drums for a living, check out our trio of 'Make money from playing drums' features: 'Become a YouTube drum superstar', 'the do's and don'ts of endorsements' and 'fine tune your live performance'. All essential stuff that will make the difference to your playing and oppourtunities.

Artist Channel

Taylor Hawkins is live now, chatting with Chad Smith, Stephen Perkins and Chick Corea about all things drums and music. We alsofresh new interviews with Matt Nicholls (BMTH), 'Rock drumming: the power and the glory part two', and throughout the day six more blogs asking 'Are drummers mathematicians?', and stating 'Why drummers really are the backbone of the band'.

Keep it locked to Drum Expo 2013!

Original article below (Day One 30 July)

DRUM EXPO 2013: Welcome to our first ever online drum show! This two day event is brought to you by MusicRadar in association with Rhythm magazine, and we have plenty to keep you entertained and inspired.

Click here to download the official Drum Expo 2013 Live Timetable.

What is an Expo?

Quite simply, an Expo is an exhibition. Instead of hosting one in a bricks and mortar building, we decided to host an online show that could reach as many of you as possible.

What is Drum Expo 2013?

A two-day online event dedicated to all things drums. A unique concept in the music-making industry, Drum Expo 2013 covers gear (product video demos), seminars (tuition) and artists (interviews and features).

For our first ever show, the biggest drum brands are out in force alongside expert tuition from Rhythm, Drum Channel and independent clinician Mike Johnston, plus interviews with leading players such as JP Gaster, Gavin Harrison, Christian CC Coma, Taylor Hawkins and loads more.

Let's break it down so that you know what's happening and when...

Virtual booths and the Gear Channel

When you go to an exhibition, you have the chance to browse gear booths stuffed with drum goodness. Well, it's the same deal at Drum Expo 2013: we have 12 virtual gear booths for you to scout out to find your next gear purchase.

Our virtual booth exhibitors are: Dream Cymbals, Natal, Premier, Liberty Drums, Yamaha, EcHo Custom Drums, Guru, Gon Bops, Sabian, Gretsch, Gibraltar and V-Drums. You can also check out the Rhythm booth, which details the mag, the team, what you can find inside a typical issue, and to view their exclusive Drum Expo 2013 subscription offer.

With each virtual booth comes a series of gear articles dedicated to each individual brand. From cymbals and custom made snares to signature timbales and sleek drum mounting systems, the Gear Channel is packed with gear you need to see.

To do so, simply click on the booths above to view their gear articles, or head straight to the Gear Channel and mix it up.

Guest lessons and 'how to's' from the Seminar Channel

Everybody has to start somewhere, whether that's playing your first rock beat or learning how to mic up a drum kit ready for recording. Luckily for you, all this content - to suit a range of playing abilities and knowledge from beginner to expert - will be appearing in Drum Expo 2013 over the next two days.

Today (30 July) you will be given a 'Step by step guide to recording drums'; '10 quick drum recording tips'; plus we walk you through how to prep and mic your kit ready for recording.

Tomorrow we will be looking at how you can make money from playing drums.

Today (30 July) we will also be running a series of Drum Channel guest lessons from the likes of Gregg Bissonette, Chad Smith, Peter Erskine, David Elitch (Mars Volta), Rich Redmond and Jojo Mayer, plus a live streamed lesson from Mike Johnston in the States.

These will be scheduled throughout the Expo so that you can plan your time around each guest lesson. To make it easy to remember what's happening and when in the Seminar Channel, you can download our Drum Expo 2013 Live Timetable by clicking here.

Artist Channel interviews and features

No drum show would be complete without a generous helping of the brightest, biggest and most inspirational drummers on the planet, so you can bet Drum Expo 2013 has lots lined-up in the way of artists for the next two days.

Right now you can read exclusive interviews with JP Gaster from Clutch, Gavin Harrison from Porcupine Tree, and Dan Flint from You Me At Six. If you're hitting the road this summer, don't forget to check out the 'Access All Areas' gallery featuring everyone from Scott Rockenfield of Queensryche and Pat Lundy of Funeral For a Friend, through to Nick Augusto of Trivium and Robin Guy.

Rock drumming also makes an impact on Drum Expo 2013 with a huge, two-part round table interview called 'The power and the glory' starring Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper), Jason Sutter (Marilyn Manson), Dean Butterworth (Good Charlotte) and James Heatley (The Answer).

If dance and electronic music is more your thing, check out our drums and percussion interview 'Feel the beat' featuring artists from Faithless and Incognito.

Finally, in the Artist Channel today we have a trio of blogs talking about showmanship and why drummers are generally awesome! Stix Zadinia of Steel Panther, Christian CC Coma from Black Veil Brides and Aric Improta from Night Verses have stuck their two penneth worth in, so why don't you have a read and join in too?

Day two: 31 July 2013

Remember to check back bright and early tomorrow morning for fresh new content to improve your drumming, spark your playing imagination, and expand your gear collection with the MusicRadar Drum Expo 2013 in association with Rhythm magazine.