Liberty Drums at Drum Expo 2013

Drum Expo 2013: We at Liberty Drums build our own shells from raw timber to hand-crafted variations of well-formed shells using the best traditional and modern techniques to produce outstanding results.

The Liberty Drums range of drum kits and snares have already received outstanding recognition across the entire range for the build quality and overall sound production. We are extremely proud of our products and take great pleasure in crafting the finest acoustic drums all made by hand.

We specialize in building quality drum kits and snare drums with a focus on growing our pre-configured ranges for distribution worldwide.

You can view a range of Liberty Drums products from their latest brochure here.

Each shell is manufactured with a different approach depending upon the depth and diameter of the required drum. We have developed purpose built moulds and tooling, enabling us to manufacture your perfectly formed shells with the desired thickness and ultimate durability.

There are limitless selections of timbers and veneers available to us which we work with to put something very special together.

CEO Andrew Street discusses the origins of the company

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Liberty Drums endorsee Max Griffiths talks about his kit

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