Liberty Royal Blue Maple shell pack

DRUM EXPO 2013: Read Rhythm Magazine's Liberty Royal Blue Maple shell pack review. Just one example from a range of Liberty shell packs, kits and individual drums to choose from

Offset lugs on all but the snare drum give a unique, customised appearance to this shells comprised of 16"x16" and 18"x16" floor toms (6mm) and a hefty 24"x22" kick (8mm), a 14"x6.5" wooden snare (8mm) and 13"x9" suspended tom (5mm).

All of the shells are made from plies of USA Rock Maple - known for its warm sonic properties. A stunning royal blue polyurethane gloss finish on each shell looks stunning and adds a hint of class.

The suspended tom is fitted with a Noble and Cooley 'Coolmount' RIMS-type mounting bracket, which simply slides into position on a stand into a specially designed slot that can speed up set-up time.

The combination of the maple shell and dual ply of the Evans EC2s on toms creates a beautiful warm tone while maintaining a reasonable attack and the floor toms have the ability to create some incredibly powerful rhythmic statements and need to be played loud.

One pedal strike on the colossal kick is enough to send shockwaves from this incredibly powerful-sounding, almost sub-sonic kick. In contrast the snare is articulate and versatile; going from fat, chuggy and loose to crisp and exacting.

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