Liberty Snare Drums

Green/Lime Green Sparkle Flake snare drum

Each step of making this drum is taken in our UK factory based in County Durham, Newton Aycliffe.

A stunning Liberty Drums 14" x 5.5", 15ply (.5mm per ply) Birch shell finished with Green Sparkle flakes applied by hand (no wraps used on this product). This design was inspired by a requirement for a drum that was bright and tasteful.

We then set out to source the right tone of sparkles ready for the process. Each stripe was carefully applied by hand over the birch core shell. Next the bearing edges were cut a 45 degrees with a slight outer and treated with bees wax.

We chose Sound Blaster Series 20 snare wires and trick throw to provide all round quality and reliability of mechanisms.

  • Skins: the snare side skin is a hazy 300 with an Evans ST dry coated batter which works more towards a dryer crisp sound.
  • Lugs: styled bridge design chrome lugs to work in sync with the stunning stripe effect.
  • Hoops: Triple flanged 2.3mm in chrome.

This is truly a unique snare drum that sounds as good as it looks. Complimented with styled chromed bridge lugs it really is a Rolls Royce of instruments.

Red Metallic snare drum

One of Liberty Drums rare finishes of Metallic paint. This is a hard, time intensive process to accomplish, but worth it when you see the finished snare drum.

Completed with a stunning glossy finish this really is a masterpiece. This snare is 14x6.5, 9ply (with internal reinforcing hoops at 15ply) to produce a more warm focused tone. The throw mechanism is Trick and snare wires are Sound Blaster Series 20 strand.

Each of our snares are fitted with Evans Hazy 300 snare side and ST dry batter by default. The hoops are triple flange 2.3mm in chrome. This is truly a unique snare drum and rewarding in every aspect.

  • Size: 14″ x 6.5″
  • Finish: Red metallic gloss
  • Shell: Maple with internal rings
  • Lugs: Liberty chromed circle lugs
  • Hoops: Chrome, triple flanged

Natural Swirl snare

This is a unique snare design consisting of a Birch core 15 ply shell with rosewood and boxwood inlay. The catalogue describes this design as the swirl design which is all made by hand as are every shell which we make in our County Durham factory.

The finish is a deep glass gloss over the natural birch 15 ply shell. Bearing edge - sharp 45 degrees with slight outer treated with Bees wax.

A carefully hand crafted instrument that will truly perform for a lifetime.

The series of lugs used on this snare are our latest round style. Round is a common shape but very easy on the eye which we designed a simplistic circle inlay on the chrome.

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