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Where can you buy music gear online during the Coronavirus lockdown?

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Sales of music gear - and guitars in particular, according to this report - have seen a sharp rise as people occupy themselves with music creation in the midst of the global Coronavirus lockdown.

Can you catch Covid-19 from packaging?

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Naturally you might be concerned about packages arriving at your door with particles of Covid-19 on them. According to this Guardian report, while particles are detectable on cardboard surfaces for up to 24 hours, the risk of infection is low. However, as an extra precaution, we’d recommend leaving your parcels in a garage/shed/outhouse for 24 hours before bringing them into the house. Don’t forget to observe 2-metres of social distancing with your delivery driver, too.

Instead of binge-watching Netflix, this enforced downtime is proving to be the ideal time to make more music, start learning an instrument or to find a new hobby for your children who are suddenly home 24/7. 

Now could be the time to pick up an acoustic guitar, get in some more practice at home on an electronic drum set or upgrade your home studio with a new audio interface or MIDI keyboard – a new piece of gear can really get the juices flowing when it comes to making music.

But with certain products becoming increasingly difficult to purchase, maybe you’ve been put off ordering a new item of music gear? Of course, in some areas deliveries are taking longer than normal and many online services are understandably focusing on essential product deliveries, but if you’re a musician there are still plenty of places you can go to arm yourself with the tools for a more creative lockdown.

At this tough time for businesses around the world, it’s important to support the shops that are still able to operate online. First and foremost, you should send your custom to your local music shop wherever you can – we still want these places to exist once things are back to normal.

If you live in the UK, check out your nearest store on the map below.

Alternatively, here’s the latest on how some of the bigger retailers in the US, UK and Europe are coping with Covid-19, and where is best to buy your gear.

For the very latest on delivery times, you should visit the sites direct.

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