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Sweetwater Black Friday 2020: The 80% off music gear Black Friday sale is still live

Sweetwater Black Friday 2020: The 80% off music gear Black Friday sale is still live
(Image credit: Sweetwater)

Black Friday may be over, but the Sweetwater Black Friday sale sure isn't! It was popular throughout Black Friday, and is still loaded with some amazing deals. We're keeping an eye on all the latest Sweetwater Cyber Monday deals, too.

Don't believe us? Take a look at their live sale offering up to 80% off guitars, drums, recording gear and more. You'll be sure to find something you like/need/covet in there.

We’ve been covering the retailer for a while now, so we can spot killer Sweetwater Black Friday deals a mile off. To make your life easier, we’ll be rounding them all up right here, so check back regularly to save cold hard cash on electric guitars, drum sets, the best acoustic guitars and loads more.

Best Black Friday deals from around the web

Sweetwater Black Friday: Shop the entire sale


Sweetwater Black Friday sale | Save up to 80%
Save up to 80% off a range of guitars, drums, recording gear, software, headphones and so much more from the big brands, through to 28 November.View Deal

Sweetwater Black Friday: Guitar deals

Supro Blues King 12 1x12": Was $599, now $299, save $300
How about some good old-fashioned blues-rock tone? This retro rocker from Supro delivers well above it's price tag - reduced by $300. There's an effects loop, real spring reverb, and 3-band EQ to give you vintage tone with modern flexibility. We don't expect these to hang around! View Deal

Save 15% on 14 Revv products
The Revv 20/4 amp, G3 and G4 preamp/distortion pedals and G20 footswitch are all included in Sweetwater's blanket reduction of gear from the rapidly-growing Revv. If thick, heavy, harmonic distortion gets your motor running, look no further! View Deal

Save up to $250 off Line 6 PowerCabs
The rise in modellers and pedalboard amps means that FRFR (Full-range, flat response) is the new buzz in the cab world.Sweetwater has brought the price of Line 6's PowerCab series down by up to $250. Choose between the PowerCab 212, 112 Plus or 112 and start saving today! View Deal

BluGuitar Amp1: Was, $799, now $649, save $150
Plug this 100-watt, 4-channel pedalboard amp into a cab or PA and you've got a rig that even your vocalist won't run away from come load-in. You can get convenience for $150 less right now over at Sweetwater's site.View Deal

Save 20% on selected Gamechanger Audio pedals!
We can't get enough of Gamechanger's leftfield pedals. Included in this offer are the, Plus Pedal sustain effect (with its piano-style sustain pedal) and Plasma High Voltage Distorion (including that snazzy xenon-filled Nanotube). With 20% off, you won't get a better deal on these eccentric stompers!View Deal

Get 15% off all Keeley pedals
Keeley put boutique pedals on the map - and more importantly - the boards of many a sniffy tonehound. Sweetwater is letting you in on the the fun for less by reducing its Keeley stock by 15%. Bargains galore! View Deal

Ibanez OD850 Overdrive, Was: $129.99, now $99.99, save $30
Make no mistake: this thing makes your Tube Screamer resemble the sort of overdrive your grandad used to use. It's a reissue of another 70s classic from Ibanez, serving up a gritty, furry, almost fuzzy drive tone. It's Limited Edition, so bag a rarer stompbox in-the-wild for just $99 while you can.  View Deal

Save 15% on all Earthquaker Devices products
From functional 'drives such as the Plumes to the out-there Rainbow Machine V2, Sweetwater has cut the price of its Earthquaker Devices stock by 15%. Get browsing for some unbeatable deals!View Deal

Save 15% on all J. Rockett Audio Designs pedals
J. Rockett made its name to many with The Archer (based on a Klon Centaur). Now, it's one of the coolest names you'll put your foot on. Here, you can grab 15% off the whole range, with prices starting at just over the $100 mark.View Deal

Save 15% on all Diezel pedals 
Start your engines! Diezel remains high on the list when it comes to hi-gain distortion, and here you can fuel-up your tone game with 15% off the VH4, VH-4 2, Herbert and Zerrer pedals.View Deal

Save 15% on all JHS products
JHS is one of the big names when it comes to 'boutique' effects. Sweetwater has sliced 15% off its entire stock, including the brand new, already affordable  3 Series pedals, Morning Glory V4, Colour Box, Crayon, and many more. Get browsing with prices as low as $38.25!View Deal

20% off all Barefoot Buttons pedal switch caps
It's not all high-end gear in Sweetwater's sale. Add these Barefoot Buttons to your 'board, and you'll have a massive target to aim for when switching pedals. Available in a range of colour and finish options starting at just $6.07! View Deal

Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro Koa: Was $799, now $679
Easily one of the most versatile electric guitars ever to bear the Les Paul logo, available in a mouth-wateringly rare natural finish. Save $120.View Deal

Ernie Ball Expression Overdrive: Was $299, now $74.99
The Ernie Ball Expression Overdrive allows you to fine-tune your gain settings without having to take your hands off the guitar. Whether you're looking for perfectly dialled-in tones or fast, expressive bursts of gain, you can use overdrive as you never have before with this innovative overdrive.View Deal

Vox AC-30S1 1x12" combo: Was $899, now $699, save $200

Want a slice of the tone that's kept Brian May, The Edge, Dave Grohl and many others' trousers flapping? This Vox AC-30S1 is a single-channel valve amp based on the AC-30's Top Boost circuit, and includes a 2x12AX7 preamp, EL-84 power section, digital reverb, Celestion speaker and more! Get this iconic tone at your disposal with $200 off right now. View Deal

Vox AC15 1x12" Combo: Was $999, now $679
This is a great deal. With 15 all-tube watts of beauty and famous for its boutique vintage flair and rich sense of history, this tonesome Vox combo won't hang around with a tasty $320 off.View Deal

Sweetwater Black Friday: Headphones deals

Shure SRH440 Studio Headphones : Was $99, now $79
The Shure SRH440’s are quickly becoming one of the most popular studio headphones choices when it comes to recording. Not only do they have a fantastically true-to-life frequency response, but the dense foam padding and closed back construction mean that you won’t fall victim to sound from inside the phones bleeding into your mics. If you’re an audiophile that wants to listen on-the-go, then the foldable design, included carrying case and detachable cable will be right up your street. Sweetwater’s limited-time offer knocks these down to only $79, so they won’t be around for too long.View Deal

Shure SRH840 Studio Headphones: Was $149, now $129
Optimized for recording and mixing, the SRH840’s from Shure deliver rich bass, a clear midrange and extended highs, all courtesy of the 40mm Neodymium drivers implanted in each earpiece. Those drivers, coupled with the thick foam earpads, mean you’ll never want to take them off. Shure has thought about the future too when it comes to these cans - the replaceable cable and included replacement earpads mean that your investment will be safe for years to come. Again, Sweetwater’s deals won’t be there forever - and for only $129, neither will these headphonesView Deal

Shure SRH1540 Studio Headphones: Was $499, now $399
Enveloping you in detailed highs, rich bass and a gorgeous midrange, the SRH1540’s are an excellent choice for studio monitoring. Their soundstage is spacious, allowing you to tweak your mixes with ultimate precision. The phones themselves sport Alcantara earpads, which provide comfort for those mammoth mixing sessions. With a Kevlar-reinforced cable, you won’t need to worry about your investment breaking down and with Sweetwater slashing the price to only $399, you won’t need to break the bank.View Deal

Shure SRH1840 Studio Headphones: Was $499, now $399
The SRH1840s are all about comfort and ultimate sound quality, and like the SRH1540’s they feature matched Neodymium drivers, an adjustable headband and a hard molded carrying case. These headphones however, sport an open-back construction for a more natural, speaker-like listening experience. This allows for a greater degree of depth in your mixes, which means better sounding recordings. Sweetwater’s early Black Friday deal knocks $100 off, so for just $399 you can elevate your mixes.View Deal

Sweetwater Black Friday: Recording deals

Ableton Push 2 + Live 10 Suite bundle: Was $1,398, now $999
As a complementary pair, Ableton Push 2 and Live Suite 10 are on another level. Gain complete, tactile control over every element of the music composition and production process and take advantage of all the tricks Live 10 Suite has to offer for their lowest ever price.View Deal

Toontrack EZdrummer 2: Was $149, now $79, save $70
Get some hugely impressive studio drum sounds that can be played from your electronic drum set over MIDI. Or, if you're a guitarist, make use of the MIDI grooves to create the perfect drum part for your latest idea. We can't think of a better set of sounds for $79.View Deal

Toontrack Superior Drummer 3
Get a free SDX Expansion pack worth $149
Invest in one of the most comprehensive collections of drum sounds this Black Friday, and Sweetwater will give you a free SDX Expansion pack! Choose from the list at checkout.View Deal

Positive Grid Bias Elite combo: Was $399, now $179
With 100 amps, 100 effects, 18 rack processors, 18 guitars and tons more, Sweetwater has knocked a ridiculous $220 off Positive Grid's all-in-one amp modeling software solution.View Deal

View software deals in the pre-Sweetwater Black Friday sale
Whether you’re looking to save on plugins and virtual instruments, or you’re after DAW software or DJ software, there's plenty here to explore. Like what? There’s mega savings to be had on plugins from Steven Slate, IK Multimedia, Output, Toontrack and more.View Deal

Slate Digital VMS ML-1 Modelling Mic | Was $799, now $499
With the Slate Digital ML-1 modelling microphone, you get access to a virtual mic locker of vintage microphones that would cost you tens-of-thousands, if you can even find them all! Also included are a pair of classic mic pre amp modelling plugins to complete your sound. Grab an absolute bargain at Sweetwater, now! View Deal

Slate Digital VMS Classic Tubes 3 | Was $299, now $99
Slate Digital's VMS Classic Tubes 3 expansion adds another five microphone emulations to your arsenal. Included are emulations of vintage tube mics, as well as tube/ribbon hybrids. It's the perfect addition to the VMS ML-1.View Deal

Warm Audio WA-47: Was $899, now $799, save $100
This tube condenser mic is based on one of the most famous studio mics of all time. It features premium components such as the custom reproduction '47 capsule, TAB-Funkenwerk output transformer, a JJ Slovak 5751 vaccuum tube and Wima and Solen capacitors. Add in nine different polar patterns, and this mic will deliver the big, rich sound of yesteryear. It comes with its own power supply, shock mount and wooden case to make sure it's stowed and transported safely.View Deal

Warm Audio WA-84: Was $399, now $299, save $100
The Neumann KM84 is one of the all-time greats when it comes to small-diaphragm condenser mics. An original vintage one will also set you back an arm and a leg. So, Warm Audio's WA-84 makes the perfect substitution, perfect for use on many different applications including drums, acoustic guitar, piano, vocals and more, this cardioid-patterned mic is a versatile addition to any studio. Sweetwater has the same offer whether you choose black or nickel, with 25% off, we'd suggest getting a pair!View Deal

Warm Audio WA273: Was $999, now $899, save $100
Warm Audio's take on the iconic Neve 1073 delivers a consistent replication of one of the most imitated preamps ever. Not only that, but you get two channels in one 19-inch rack space. In addition to the 80dB of gain on-hand, each channel features stepped gain and high-pass filter knobs (50Hz, 80Hz, 160Hz, or 300Hz), output knob, phantom power, instrument/mic level-switching polarity reverse and more. There's an insert on each channel too, and the WA273 features all-important Carnhill recreations of the 1073's original Marinair output transformers.View Deal

Warm Audio WA-412: Was $1,199, now $999, save $200
Punchy, aggressive, 'the sound of rock'. These are a few terms regularly used to describe API preamps. Now, you can bag four channels of the great 70s studio sound in one unit for even less. Each channel features 7-segment LED level metering, input gain and per-channel output controls, switchable transformer, polarity reverse, 10db pad and an instrument-level input. If you're after that big console sound on your way into your DAW, this offers great value for money with $200 off. View Deal

Warm Audio WA-DI-P DI Box: Was $149, now $99, save $50
Every studio needs a DI, but not all DI's are created equal. Here, you can save a third on the price of Warm Audio's WA-DI-P passive DI box. Equipped with a Cinemag transformer, this little do-it-all problem solver will let you split, convert and re-route your instrument signals without getting in the way of your tone.View Deal

Sweetwater Black Friday: Drum deals

Shop all drum offers ahead of Sweetwater Black Friday 2020
Early Black Friday deals include drum hardware, acoustic drums, cymbals and other kit, with Tama, Ludwig, ddrum, Sabian, Alesis and more for less.View Deal

KAT Percussion KTMP1 drum pad: Was $119, now $99
Kickstart your exploration of hybrid drumming for less than $100 with KAT’s versatile, budget percussion pad. Cue one of the 50 built-in sounds, play with sticks or hands and connect a kick drum trigger and a hi-hat controller for hours of experimentation.View Deal

Roland TD-17KV e-kit: Was $1,599, now $1,299, save $300
This is one of Roland's finest e-kits to date. Highlights include the mesh snare and toms, but it's the revolutionary TD-17 module which is the real winner. On-board you'll find a sound engine based on the TD-50, plus the ability to stream songs and MIDI over Bluetooth.
View Deal

Sweetwater Black Friday: Keys deals

Vox Continental 61-key performance keyboard: $1,699, $1,399
The Vox Continental is a classic that helped define organ sounds in rock music. This up-to-date version includes touchscreen virtual drawbars, heaps of classic keys sounds including grand and electric pianos, Clavinet and synths. There's effects too, with delay, reverb, wah and a Nutube-powered overdrive circuit for true vintage flavour. You even get the stand! Save yourself $300 on the regular price of this superb stage keyboard at Sweetwater.View Deal

Behringer Poly D: Was $698, now $594.98
Behringer’s strategy in recent years of reworking classic synths has thrown up some exciting products, but we’re especially drawn to the Poly D. It exists as an expansion of the well-received Behringer Model D, but packs in four voices, a ladder filter, effects and a 32-step sequencer for good measure. Grab that 80’s film score vibe now for just $594.98 at Sweetwater. View Deal

Moog Minitaur: Was $599.99, now $499.99, save $100
This powerful, flexible, deep bass synth with that classic Moog solid build is offered up with a sweet $100 knocked off, thanks to the folks at Sweetwater.View Deal

Sweetwater Black Friday: PA deals

Bose L1 Compact Portable PA System: Was $999, now $899
Featuring the lightweight but powerful L1 Compact vertical array, this system includes six speakers to throw your sound far and (nearly 180-degrees) wide for small gigs and performances. The L1 Compact also includes an 8-inch bass speaker with integrated two-channel mixer. With $100 off, you can get stellar live sound for less right now!View Deal

Bose L1S with dual B1 bass modules: Was $1,948, now $1,678
If you want a step-up from the L1 Compact, take a look at this L1S offer. You get 12 (rather than six) speakers in the L1s vertical array, plus with the added bass power of two B1 Bass Modules. Bose says that this 250-watt system is perfect for audiences of up-to 300 people, so if you’re looking for a small setup with some extra thump, this lightweight brute will deliver for open-mics, worship, announcements and more!View Deal

Bose L1 Model II with B2 bass module: $2,699, now $2,099
Need more power, but don’t want to opt for a traditional system? This deal saves you $600 and gives you a combined 500 watts of power in total. The Bose L1 Model II features a whopping 24 speakers and two 10-inch woofers to keep the air moving. Also on-board is the same two-channel mixer section as found in the L1 Compact. If you need the same plug-and-play convenience, but with added beef, this system is for you. Get it now and save $600!View Deal

Bose L1 Model II, B2 bass module and T4S ToneMatch Mixer Was $3,298, now $2,608, save $690
This deal gives you the same power as above, but with the additional flexibility of the Bose T4S ToneMatch mixer. If you’re performing with other musicians and additional vocalists, the T4S not only gives you more inputs - 4 mic/line inputs, on-board DSP to make getting your sound quick and easy, plus a range of dynamic, EQ, modulation and delay/reverb effects. View Deal

Bose L1 Model II, Dual B1 bass modules, TS4 ToneMatch mixer
Was $3,397, now $2,747
Similar to the deal above, this system gives you the most power, with a dedicated bass solution and flexible input options. The L1 Model II array has the same 24-speaker layout for maximum power and spread, plus the inclusion of two B1 Bass Modules mean you’ve got a total of four drivers handling the low end. Add in the TS4 ToneMatch mixer and you’ve got a compact yet powerful PA system that will have you covered for small full-band gigs.  View Deal

What is Black Friday and when does Sweetwater Black Friday 2020 start?

Stock market catastrophe aside, Black Friday is the name given to the day after the US Thanksgiving holiday, and is usually the time when many online retailers kick off their seasonal sales ahead of Christmas. Amazon Black Friday is one of the biggest shopping events of the year for just about every product imaginable (including toilet roll), while sales like Sweetwater Black Friday deliver epic discounts on musical instruments, software and the like.

Black Friday 2020 takes place on Friday 27 November, but we expect the offers, including Sweetwater's Black Friday deals, to start much earlier than that and to carry on through to the following Monday. That's Cyber Monday to you. 

So while Amazon Black Friday is one of the biggest online sales for stuff like headphones and TVs, it's by no means the only place to shop. And if you want discounts on musical instruments, the Sweetwater Black Friday sale is where you should be looking – don’t forget that we’ll be rounding up all the best Sweewater Black Friday deals here.

We fully expect the majority of Sweetwater Black Friday deals to arrive on Friday 27 November, but with a healthy smattering of discounts and offers on instruments and software to arrive between now and then.

Sweetwater Black Friday deals 2020: What to expect

Last year’s Black Friday sale at Sweetwater was a real bumper affair, with seemingly endless offers on all types of musical instruments, guitar amps, software, guitar strings and home recording kit. So we’re expecting this year’s Sweetwater Black Friday sale to bring more of the same. Sweetwater has been running all sorts of sales throughout 2020, which makes us think it’s gearing up for a very exciting run of offers in the lead-up to Christmas.

Based on what we have seen in previous years, you can expect to see big discounts on major and more boutique brands popping up among the best Sweetwater Black Friday deals. Last year there were significant savings on plugins, with the Vengeance-Sound VPS Avenger selling at half price, and a monster $120 slashed off the price of the Soundtoys Crystallizer. Ableton, Positive Grid, Toontrack and XILS-lab also had generous price cuts over the Sweetwater Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

How to research what you want to buy ahead of Sweetwater Black Friday

One of the smartest moves you can make right now is to do some research on the kit you're hoping to buy in the Sweetwater Black Friday sale. We can help with that too, as we have a bunch of buyer's guides and reviews covering masses of instruments, software and accessories. 

To get started on your research, take a look at our:

How to find the best Sweetwater Black Friday deals

This is easy: bookmark this page and keep checking back regularly, as we’ll be monitoring the site and curating only the very best Sweetwater Black Friday deals that go live in the run-up to Friday 27 November, on the big day itself, and through to Cyber Monday. They will all be listed here, and we’ll be eyeballing them across guitars, drums, software and plugins, keys and accessories so that you don't miss a thing.

In addition to us manually combing the Sweetwater sale for unmissable Black Friday offers, our shopping software will be scanning a shed load of other websites for the best prices on any products we feature here. That means, not only will you get the top Sweetwater Black Friday offers, you might also see competing deals for other musical instrument retailers, depending on the products featured.

What happened last year?

Last year's Sweetwater Black Friday sale was an epic one. For guitarists it was a particularly bumper event, with big savings off an array of effects pedals, including 15% off JHS pedals and a brilliant 2 for $75 deal on TC Electronic stompboxes.

There was also hundreds of dollars to be saved on Moog synths, while drummers had access to big discounts on Roland gear, whether you wanted a beginner kit, or something more pro.

Get 15% off all Keeley pedals

The original boutique pedal modder/builder, Keeley's products have been the secret weapon under the boots of many-a-tonehound. Sweetwater is helping out the little guys this Black Friday by drawing a red line through its regular prices and making its entire Keeley stock 15% cheaper. View Deal