Thomann Black Friday deals 2023: Up to 60% off Cyberweek discounts continue - these are our top picks

Thomann Black Friday deals
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The Thomann Cyberweek sale is in full swing! The German music giant's biggest promotion of the year has been live for a few days now and ends on Monday 27 November with a final flurry of Thomann Cyber Monday deals. This sale is a big one, with the promise of up to 60% off music gear and up to 80% off software as part of their epic Download Deals promotion.

So, what's on offer? For guitarists in particular, there are some insanely good deals on Thomann's already excellent value in-house guitar brand Harley Benton. One of our reviewers hand-picked some of his favourites earlier this week. 

For drummers you can pick up cut-price electronic kits from brands including Roland and Millenium, Thomann's own e-kit brand. There's also great deals on recording gear, plus keyboards we rate, like the excellent Yamaha P-145 B, considerably down in price.

What we're saying is that there's something for everyone! So, if you're on the hunt for mega bargains on everything from guitars and drums, to recording gear and keyboards, and you're a UK or Europe-based musician looking to save some cash, Thomann is one of the places to shop Black Friday deals right now. We're getting closer to the end of these deals now, so if you've seen something you like, now is the time to strike.

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Thomann Black Friday deals FAQ

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Does Thomann do Black Friday?

There was a time when Thomann didn't run any official Black Friday offers, however there is always a bargain to be had on the site, so technically every day is Black Friday.

That said, for the last couple of years the Euro-giant has entered the fray big time, with hundreds of deals running for a full week from Black Friday itself - usually called Cyber Week by Thomann - and well into the following week, with a whole raft of reductions across a hand-picked range of products covering guitars, amps, pedals, synths, drums and more. 

Last year they called it their Cyber Week Sale, and it delivered savings of up to 60% on hardware and an even bigger 80% off selected software. You can see a few examples of last year's deals further down the page. 

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When do the Thomann Black Friday deals start?

The Black Friday Thomann sale itself - also know as the Cyber Week sale - will kick off at 12.01am on Friday 17 November, and finish on Monday 27 November. There's a countdown on the Thomann site here.

Although the official event doesn't take place until this date, just like most retailers, we predict that some Thomann Black Friday offers may start rolling out much sooner. 

Last year's Cyber Week sale started on Black Friday itself and carried on well into the following week, including Cyber Monday, meaning there were many opportunities to grab a bargain.

Some retailers started slashing prices from as early as mid-October, and didn't stop until well into December.

What deals can I expect?

Thomann stocks pretty much everything any musician could ever want, so it's a great place to go if you want to give your studio an overhaul, upgrade your guitar rig, expand your drum kit or start learning a new instrument. You might head to the website planning to buy an electric guitar, but the company also sells all the music making products you could ever wish for: MIDI keyboards, studio monitors, beginner digital pianos and much more.

The Thomann Black Friday sale could also be the time to stock up on those music making accessories that we would deem essential: we're talking things like acoustic guitar strings, guitar tuners and guitar straps. If you can make music with it, it's more than likely that Thomann will stock it, and it may just enjoy some sort of discount on Black Friday.

Of course, Thomann has become well known globally for its fantastic budget brands too, including the formidable Millenium drums and Harley Benton. This line of guitar gear is cheap enough as it is, but last year there were some particularly strong HB discounts on Black Friday. Stock will be limited on the very best Harley Benton deals, so you'll need to act fast to get your hands on one. We'll keep you posted and share the latest news here as we get it. You can check out our guide to the best Harley Benton guitars to learn what to look for. 

Last year, Thomann's massive Cyber Week sale included up to 60% off a range of music gear, plus up to 80% off a selection of software. 

Harley Benton

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Is Harley Benton a good brand?

You only have to take a look at some of our recent Harley Benton reviews (see links below) to see that we're big fans of the brand. We've been putting their gear - which includes guitars, basses, amps and effects - through its paces for many years now and we've seen the variety of options available and the quality of the instruments get better and better, all while prices have remained firmly in the budget camp. 

So, consider us big fans, then. 

Thomann Black Friday deals: How to prepare

Got your eye on a few things at Thomann and wondering whether Black Friday is the time to buy? Here's a few tips from our personal experience that will ensure you're ready to strike if the gear you want is up for grabs:

1. Create a wishlist early - The most sensible way to take advantage of this year's Thomann Black Friday music deals is to know in advance what you’re looking for. This will make searching much easier, rather than having to trawl through loads of deals you don’t want to find the ones you do, or pondering things you don't need. To help you create your dream shopping list, take the time to explore our expert and up-to-date buying guides and reviews.

2. Work out what you actually need - Check out your favourite brands, see what you need and will genuinely use - don’t waste your cash and fill your basket with stuff that will never truly see any action.

3. Consider your music goals - What do you want to achieve with your music over the next 12 months or so? Do you want to gig more? Learn a new instrument? Or finally record your songs? Now could be the time to invest in gear that helps you fulfil your musical aspirations.

4. Streamline your current gear - Something else you should consider ahead of time is whether you have enough space in your collection for new gear. Could you offload some gear you don't use to make room and generate funds for some new gear? 

5. Sign up to mailing lists - In addition to bookmarking this page, we'd recommend signing up to Thomann's mailing list now to get the jump on the best deals when they do come around.

6. Get clued up on current prices - that way you'll know how good a deal really is when you see it reduced on Black Friday. Some supposed 'savings' aren't everything that they seem.

How we choose which deals to cover

Here at MusicRadar, we are experts in our field, with many years of playing and product testing between us. We live and breathe everything music-making, and we draw on this knowledge and experience of using products in live, recording and rehearsal scenarios when selecting the products we recommend.

First and foremost, we are players and creators, and we want to match like-minded folk with the right products for them, at the best prices.

For us to recommend a deal on music gear it has to be a product we rate that’s a genuinely great price or part of a truly fantastic bundle. It’s also important that we only recommend retailers where you will have a positive shopping experience.

Why you can trust our choices

We spend a lot of our time scouring retailers for fantastic deals on our favorite music gear. Not only is it our job to research and recommend the best gear in our buyer’s guides and reviews, but we’re also dedicated to helping musicians get the best deals on the stuff they need, too. After all, the only thing better than new gear day is a hearty discount.

We cover a lot of the big sales events throughout the year, including Memorial Day4th of July sales and Amazon Prime Day, and we have a good view on which products are likely to receive the biggest discounts and when, the prices they’ve been in the past and which deals are genuinely worth a look.

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