Gear4music Black Friday deals 2022: the official sale is still live

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The official Gear4music Black Friday sale is still alive and kicking, so if you're based in the UK you'll want to take a look at these great deals. Gear4music has some massive reductions on music gear, with recording software, DJ gear, drums, keyboards, and loads more seeing prices slashed.

Gear4music is one of the UK's largest retailers and we've been keeping an eye on their sales to make sure no great deals slip through the net. We'll be working throughout the Black Friday weekend to find the latest discounts, sharing them here on this page as soon as we see something.

There are tonnes of great deals available so if you want to save yourself some money on music gear then make sure to check back regularly. We'll be finding all the top deals on electric guitars, electronic drum sets, acoustic guitars, studio headphones, and much more.

G4M Black Friday deals: Official sale now live

G4M Black Friday deals: Official sale now live
Gear4Music's ace Black Friday deals included daily deals through the event on products like microphones, digital pianos, and MIDI keyboards.

Gear4music Black Friday deals 2022: Quick links

When is the Gear4music Black Friday sale?

The Black Friday Gear4music sale itself kicks off on Friday 25 November. Although the official event doesn't take place until this date, just like most retailers, we predict that some Gear4music Black Friday deals may start rolling out much sooner than that. 

Last year, some retailers started dropping prices from late-October, and didn't stop until well into December for those last minute Christmas gifts. We're hopeful that Gear4music will follow suit this year.

To quote the official Gear4music Black Friday info page: "Gear4music always brings an incredible range of Black Friday music equipment and musical instrument offers. Expect unbeatable guitar offers, plus exclusive Black Friday discounts on drum kits, PA Gear, pianos, orchestral instruments, DJ Equipment, studio and production gear and home audio items like headphones and home cinema packages."

Beyond Black Friday will be Gear4music Cyber Monday deals, which will drop just three days later on Monday 28 November. While Cyber Monday isn't such a big deal in the UK, we're confident we'll see some additional deals well into the week after Black Friday.

What can you buy in the Gear4music Black Friday sale?

Gear4music stocks pretty much every product any musician could ever want (the clue's in the name!), so it's a great place to go if you want to give your home studio setup an upgrade, load up your pedalboard, expand your cymbal collection or start learning a new instrument. You might head to Gear4music planning to buy an electric guitar, but the company also sells all the music making products you could ever wish for: MIDI keyboards, studio monitors, beginner digital pianos and much more.

The Gear4music Black Friday sale could also be the time to stock up on accessories, too: by that we're talking about gear like acoustic guitar strings, guitar tuners and guitar straps. If you can make music with it, it's more than likely that Gear4music will stock it, and you may well find it discounted on Black Friday.

How to prepare for Gear4music Black Friday?

The best advice when hunting for Gear4music Black Friday deals is to know what you're looking for in advance. Whether you're a guitarist, bassist, drummer, producer, pianist or DJ, think about what you need to improve your music-making life and get your research done early. This will save you a lot of time (and potentially loads of money) when the Gear4music Black Friday deals start dropping, as you'll quickly be able to decide what's relevant to you and what isn't. There will be so many deals coming your way on the day that being able to cut through the noise is super important.

Also make sure you're clued up on current prices – that way you'll know how good a deal really is when you see it reduced on Black Friday. Some supposed 'savings' aren't everything that they seem.

The good news is that you can easily find out what the best music-making products are by checking out MusicRadar's huge portfolio of buying guides and reviews.

Don't forget that Gear4music isn't the only major retailer offering Black Friday savings, either. Check out our retailer and Black Friday product pages below for even more options and to zone in on the deals you're looking for.

Gear4music Black Friday deals 2022: Last year's best deals

Here's a quick flavour of the deals that landed in the Gear4Music Black Friday sale last year.


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If you were looking for a killer Black Friday plugin deal there was money to be saved on plugins from Soundtoys, KV331, Boz, Addictive Drums and loads more. So whether you were after something to help you finish a track, or to give your a dose of inspiration, Black Friday was the time to shop. 

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