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Massive €750 reduction on the colossal IK Multimedia Total Studio 2 Max in this pre-Black Friday deal

Black Friday Plugins: IK Multimedia Total Studio 2 MAX
(Image credit: IK Multimedia)

When it comes to studio software, there are few brands that can match IK Multimedia for providing producers with all the tools they’ll ever need to make or produce music. This Black Friday, IK’s epic Total Studio Max 2 bundle has up to 75% off, making it one of the best value ways to stock your studio up. Will any other brands be able to beat this killer Black Friday plugin deal?

From synths to sample libraries - and with just about every effect or tool you could think of thrown in - Total Studio Max 2 is possibly the only software bundle you could ever need.

From Amplitube to T-Racks, and from Sampletank to Syntronik, IK Multimedia is responsible for some of the best loved, and most used, plugins on the market today. With its epic Total Studio 2 Max bundle, IK has collected everything together in one place giving you access to pretty much any sound, effect or tool you can imagine. 

Whichever style of music you perform or produce, Total Studio 2 Max gives you the tools to make it better. It combines the incredible array of amps, pedals and effects included with Amplitube, with the pro-grade mixing and mastering tools of T-Racks, with one of the most comprehensive sample collections we’ve seen. Put simply, if the thing you’re looking for isn’t catered to by this package, then it probably doesn’t exist. We particularly love the included amp models from the likes of Fender, Orange and Soldano, while the synth recreations that come with Syntronik will add an extra dimension to your recordings.

And, with up to 75% off the price of this all-conquering bundle ahead of Black Friday, your studio will get the upgrade it deserves for a lot less than you thought possible. 

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