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Get 3 months access to Loopcloud’s entire sound library - plus a free plugin - for just £/$3 this Black Friday

Get 3 months access to Loopcloud’s entire sound library - plus a free plugin - for just £/$3 this Black Friday
(Image credit: Loopcloud)

If there’s one thing producers aren’t short of these days, it’s sample libraries. It can be hard to know which one deserves your hard-earned dollar, but this Black Friday plugin deal might provide the answer, and for a lot less than you thought.

The good guys and girls over at Loopcloud are offering three months’ access to their entire library of over four million samples for just £/$3 this Black Friday. That’s more kicks, snares, glitches, bleeps, vocals and melodic loops than you could ever imagine, all in one place, for one (quite frankly) incredible price.

On top of that, they’re also giving away their Bass Master plugin, which normally sells for £69.95 as part of the deal.

Loopcloud Artist Plan Subscription: £/$3 for three months
Stock your libraries full of all the samples, loops and one-shots you could ever need this Black Friday with a sweet deal from Loopcloud. For just £/$3, you gain three month’s access to Loopcloud’s entire sample library, with a free Bass Master plugin worth £69.95 thrown in for good measure. Offer ends on 2nd December.View Deal

We’re particularly enthralled with Loopcloud thanks to its tight DAW integration. Essentially, you load their small plugin into your project, and that acts as a direct link to the standalone Loopcloud application on your desktop.

From there, you can audition, tweak, transpose and otherwise mangle sounds in the context of your own sets before you commit to buy. It also has one of the most intuitive filtering and searching systems we’ve seen, meaning it’s quicker and easier than ever to nail down that exact lo-fi hip-hop vocal slice you’ve been looking for.

And, at just £/$3 for three months’ worth of access, it’s almost a no-brainer. Take advantage this Black Friday; your studio will thank you for it.

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