Best SSL 2 and SSL 2+ audio interface deals June 2023: the place to find cheap SSL interface deals

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If you’re looking for great SSL or SSL 2+ deals, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got everything you need to know about the popular Solid State Logic audio interfaces right here.

It’s a great time to be a home studio owner. The leap in quality, performance and capability over the past decade has been incredible, meaning that even the most basic studios can be kitted out with unbelievably good gear which once belonged only in high-end recording studios. Some top-tier names are even getting in on the act, producing quality products at a price that puts them within most people's price range. Solid State Logic is one such name, and with its celebrated SSL 2 and SSL 2+ audio interfaces anybody can get a slice of that pristine audio quality for much less than you would imagine. 

Perhaps you’re using the same old interface you’ve had for a while and want to see what the next step up would be. These interfaces from Solid State Logic, might just be the answer. Best of all, we’ve rounded up some of the best SSL 2 and SSL 2+ deals so you can upgrade your studio for less than ever.

Best SSL 2 and SSL 2+ deals

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Best Solid State Logic SSL 2 deals

(Image credit: Solid State Logic)

Solid State Logic SSL 2

Pro-friendly interface for entry-level cash

Launch price: $229/£179/€199 | Connectivity: USB-C | I/O: 2 x XLR/¼” jack input combi, 2 x ¼” jack out, headphone out | Quality: 24-bit / 192kHz AD/DA converters

An SSL for everyone
Loads of headroom
Not much to fault here
You might need more inputs

For many people, the thought of having SSL gear in a home studio was but a distant dream. With the SSL 2 (and its bigger brother, the SSL 2+) however there now exists a way for mere mortals like us to get in on the action. The SSL 2 is a desktop USB audio interface with superb A/D conversion technology. There’s more to it than that though, thanks to the addition of the 4K tone-shaping function which adds subtle EQ and harmonics, meaning you can get a decent approximation of that famous SSL sound, based on the classic SSL 4000 console, to add a nice dash of colour to your recordings. 

Bundled with the SSL 2 and SSL 2+ is a decent selection of software, including lite versions of Ableton Live and Pro Tools, so you’ll have everything you need to start recording immediately. You can also access a huge pile of free samples from Loopcloud to add to your arsenal. 

Who is the SSL 2 for then? It’s keenly priced, although there are options out there with more I/O or better routing options, so it’s not going to win on price alone, but then that’s not the point. The SSL 2 is simple and easy to use, yet will appeal predominantly to producers who want to elevate the quality and fidelity of their recordings, and aren’t necessarily buying based on an inflated spec-sheet. There’s a reason Solid State Logic has the reputation it does, and the SSL 2 lives up to the name brilliantly.

Best Solid State Logic SSL 2+ deals

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Solid State Logic SSL 2+

Extra connectivity for more flexibility

Launch price: $299/£229/€259 | Connectivity: USB-C I | I/O: 2 x XLR/¼” jack input combi, 2 x ¼” jack out, 4 x RCA out, 2 x headphone out, MIDI I/O | Quality: 24-bit / 192kHz AD/DA converters

More I/O
MIDI connectivity
Second output for headphones
Only a little more expensive than standard model
Four jack outputs would suit some users better

As the bigger brother to the SSL 2, the SSL 2+ does exactly what you’d expect, by offering more connectivity and options for sending your sound out to various locations. With the SSL 2+ you get four outputs - up from two - although the fact that the extra outputs are RCA connections won’t please everyone. The headline act - the 4K button - is correct and present here too, offering the chance to add some of that classic flavour on your recordings. Don’t expect it to radically change things - it isn’t that kind of effect - but you should notice an extra bit of sheen on microphones and acoustic instruments in particular.

What is welcome is the addition of full MIDI I/O, which boosts its credentials as an all-in-one studio hub. A second output for studio headphones, with additional rotary controller, is also a neat addition, particularly for silent monitoring or recording two artists at the same time. SSL 2+ comes bundled with the same software package you get with the regular version, and also features the same high build spec. With both interfaces, everything ‘feels’ pro-grade, with a nice solid chassis and smooth knobs enhancing its premium credentials.

Overall, the impressive sound quality and SSL colouration effect will be what appeals to buyers here, along with the brand name itself, and for good reason. Of the two interfaces, the SSL 2+ is arguably better value considering the extra connectivity, although your mileage may vary. Whichever flavour you choose, these are grown-up interfaces which will have a hugely rewarding effect on your recordings.

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