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Guitar Center have knocked $150 off the Roland MC-707 Groovebox

Roland MC-707
(Image credit: Roland MC-707)

Guitar Center have slashed $150 off the price of the Roland MC-707 Groovebox as one of their most tempting Black Friday music deals - the 128-voice, 8-track drum machine, drum synth and sampler is now available for $849. This is a huge saving on what's certainly one of the most powerful all-in-one grooveboxes available today, loaded with impressive features, studio-grade effects and music-making capabilities. 

With the MC-707, Roland are offering producers almost all of the creative possibilities of a recording studio in a portable, easy-to-use package. A sequencer equipped with sampling and synthesis capabilities, there's not a whole lot that the MC-707 can't do. Equally useful in generating ideas and sketching out tracks as it is acting as the centrepiece of a kitted-out live setup, this groovebox is an immensely powerful tool for music-makers looking to take the leap out of their DAW. 

Roland MC-707 Groovebox: was $999, now $849

Roland MC-707 Groovebox: was $999, now $849

Guitar Center have made a bunch of unmissable deals available on this year's Black Friday, but we've got our eye on one in particular: the $150 saving they're offering on the Roland MC-707 Groovebox. This all-in-one studio solution from Roland packs a staggering amount of functionality into a compact form factor that's well worth the $849. 

Roland have packed pretty much everything you need to produce a killer track or perform a live set into the MC-707. Giving you the freedom to escape the confines of your DAW and jam without a computer, the groovebox allows you to work with up to eight tracks that can be used to play samples of your own, or choose from a curated selection of sounds, loops and phrases. There's also deep synthesis capabilities, thanks to Roland's innovative sound engine that melds virtual analogue and modern PCM to produce a variety of sounds that range from classic 808s to contemporary sonics. Head over to Guitar Center now to grab this incredible groovebox at an incredible price.

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