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US Black Friday MIDI controller deal: Up to 25% off ROLI Seaboards, Lightpads and packaged kits

Here on MusicRadar, in the build up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and throughout the Holiday season, we'll be bringing you the best deals on musical instruments of all kinds for US-based musicians, drummers, guitarists and producers. Click here for all the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals in the US.

ROLI has dropped the price on most of its MPE controllers, including the Lightpad Block M and the Seaboard Rise 25.

All bar the Rise 25 have been hit by a 20% off reduction, while ROLI has gone one step further by slashing the Seaboard Rise 25 by 25%.

The deal includes the Lightpad Block M, Seaboard Block, Beatmaker Kit, Seaboard Block Bundle, Songmaker Kit, Seaboard Rise 25 and Seaboard Rise 49.

Prime members can access some of the ROLI Black Friday deals now on Amazon and, of course, everything can be found on the ROLI website.

ROLI Lightpad Block M - 20% off at Amazon
Improved Lightpad Block with the added tactile micro keywaves is now $159.95, down from $199.95.View Deal

ROLI Seaboard Block - 20% off at Amazon
ROLI’s more affordable edition to the Seaboard range, retains all the expression of it’s elder siblings in the Blocks format is now reduced to $239.95 from $299.95.View Deal

ROLI Beatmaker Kit - 20% off at Amazon
The Beatmaker Kit combines the expressive power of the Lightpad Block M, with the hands-on control of the Loop Block, to help you create your beats faster than ever. The pack was $299.95, now down to $239.95.View Deal

ROLI Seaboard Block Bundle - 20% off
The Seaboard Block bundle pairs the 24-key 5D Touch loaded controller with Touch Block to  allow you to adjust the expressive behavior of your Seaboard Block in real time. Reduced from $349.00 to $279.95.View Deal

ROLI Songmaker Kit - 20% off
Combing the power of 5D Touch with the Seaboard Block, the expressive playing surface of the Lightpad Block M, the control of the Loop Block all wrapped up in a protective case and you have the Songmaker Kit, which is now $479 down from $599.95.View Deal

ROLI Seaboard Rise 25 - 25% off
The more portable edition of the Seaboard Rise family, the 25 keywave model comes bundled with Equator, Strobe2, Cypher2 Player, Bitwig 8-Track software and is now $637 down from $849.95.View Deal

ROLI Seaboard Rise 49 - 20% off
ROLI’s first model down from the original Seaboard Grand, the Rise 49 comes bundled with the same Equator, Strobe2, Cypher2 Player, Bitwig 8-Track software as the Rise 25 and gets reduced to $879 from $1,099.95.View Deal

ROLI Lightpad Block - $78 off at Amazon
The original Lightblock gets a significant reduction at Amazon with $78 off, meaning you can pick up the portable MPE controller for as little as $101.92.View Deal

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