NAMM 2010: Day Two highlights

And before you can say 'buffet breakfast at Disneyland' it's Day Two of NAMM 2010!

Following yesterday's show floor sweep, we've taken the best bits and gone in for a close-up: see Fender's G-DEC 3 in action, a working prototype of Teenage Engineering's OP-1 and Eigenlabs' Eigenharp Tau in glorious video. Or take a tour of the Orange stand (you may never see a brighter gallery on MusicRadar), the Fender stand and Akai's new iPK25 and APC20.

New product wise, if sheer volume was the name of the game, Peavey win, hands down. And with some 'revolutionary' releases from the likes of TC Electronic, heavenly partnerships in the shape of Ableton and Serato or Fender, Eric Clapton and, er... T-Mobile(!), we've only gone and topped Day One. Unbelievably, there's more to come...

NAMM 2010: Day One highlights

Fender G-DEC 3 video demo
The ultimate practice amp? Judge for yourself here...

Ray Charles's engineer speaks
Grammy winner Terry Howard interviewed

In pictures: The Fender NAMM 2010 stand
Highlights from Charvel, Gretsch, Jackson and more

Teenage Engineering's OP-1 on video
A working model of the feature-packed music gadget is finally here!

Fender and Eric Clapton release Limited Edition myTouch 3G mobile phone
Phone has "enhanced music features, pre-loaded content, new accessories"

That Eric Clapton and Fender phone TV ad shot-by-shot
See a God strum a wooden(ish) phone in screengrabs!

In pictures: Orange Amplifiers NAMM 2010 stand
The latest new products from the Brit amp gurus

In pictures: Akai iPK25 and APC20
A gallery tour of the new iPhone and Ableton Live controllers

Eigenlabs Tau in action and on video
The new mid-range multi-instrument launches in Anaheim

TC Electronic PolyTune "revolutionises" guitar tuning
Tune all your strings simultaneously

Ableton and Serato announce The Bridge
Live and Scratch/Itch come together

Next: more highlights from Day Two

Peavey unveils Nano Vypyr guitar amp
Compact addition to the Vypyr amplifier series

Pearl unveils e-Pro Live electronic drum kit
Full details of 'realistic' ekit finally emerge

FXpansion announces BFD Nano
A more affordable version of the acclaimed drum sampler

Tascam premiers US-800 audio interface
Portable 8x4 interface includes six mic pres

Ampeg unveils Heritage Series guitar amps
Premium heads and cabs built in the USA

DigiTech reveals JamMan Solo and Stereo Looper pedals
Two new USB guitar pedals

Peavey launches PXD Vicious Series, Devin Townsend Signature axe
7-string baritone guitar announced

Digidesign releases Pro Tools Instrument Expansion Pack
Five plug-ins in new bundle


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