NAMM 2010: TC Electronic PolyTune "revolutionises" guitar tuning

TC Electronic PolyTune: makes tuning string-by-string a thing of the past.
TC Electronic PolyTune: makes tuning string-by-string a thing of the past.

PRESS RELEASE: Forget the old days of string-by-string tuning - it's time to join the PolyTune™ revolution. TC Electronic's PolyTune™ is the quickest and easiest way to tune your guitar. Simply strum, tune… and rock!

TC Electronic has just revolutionized guitar tuning at a stroke - or strum - with PolyTune™, the world's first polyphonic guitar tuner. This cutting-edge tuning technology revolutionizes tuning and accomplishes what has been deemed 'impossible' until now: tuning all strings simultaneously! Simply strum - PolyTune™ will tell you which strings need tuning - tune up and you're ready to rock!

PolyTune™ obviously has a chromatic tuner as well, rivaling the best current tuning technology out there, with an amazing +/- 0.5 cent accuracy. MonoPoly, another unique new TC Electronic technology, recognizes whether you play one or more strings and seamlessly switches between the polyphonic or the chromatic tuner on the fly.

PolyTune™ offers unprecedented visibility using an ambient light sensor, which automatically matches the intensity of the super bright LEDs to its surroundings. This ensures that the PolyTune™ display can be seen in any lighting conditions. So whatever the gig, whatever the light, whatever the situation, guitarists can now strum, tune and rock in an instant.

True Bypass makes sure that PolyTune™ preserves the integrity of your precious tone. It allows for the signal to flow unaffected when the pedal is bypassed and for silent tuning once engaged.

The PolyTune™ pedal chassis features a diecast aluminum box, heavy duty footswitch and 100 LED display, all built to endure life on the road.

Quite simply, PolyTune™ is the greatest innovation in guitar tuners for over 30 years. Tuning could not be easier or quicker.

Price: €85 Available: February 2010

PolyTune™ main features:

• Polyphonic Tuner - Tune all strings simultaneously - simply; Strum, Tune, Rock!
• Chromatic Tuner - Ultra fast and steady response, Needle and Stream display modes with +/- 0.5 cent accuracy
• True Bypass - Passes the guitar signal unprocessed through the pedal and preserves the integrity of your precious tone
• Super bright LED Display with ambient light sensor - Ensures ultimate visibility in any situation, even in bright sunlight
• 9V DC Out for powering other pedals - Connect an optional power supply to power other pedals via PolyTune™'s 9V DC Out
• Easy Battery Access - No fiddling, simply change the battery in an instant thanks to the singlefinger- screw that gives easy access to the battery compartment
• Drop-tunings - Dropped tunings from E-flat down to B supported in Polyphonic mode
• Works with both guitar and bass - Both Polyphonic and Chromatic mode works for both Guitar and 4-, 5- and 6-string Bass

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