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Cyber Monday drum deals 2019: check out all the hottest drums and percussion deals and savings

Cyber Monday drum deals 2019: check out all the hottest drums and percussion deals and savings
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Cyber Monday 2019 has arrived, and with it comes a veritable flamadiddle of deals for musicians.

When it comes to Cyber Monday deals for drummers, there are always big savings to be had, whether you’re after a new Zildjian cymbal, some fresh Evans drum heads, a DW bass drum pedal, a new Roland electronic drum set or a few pairs of drumsticks.

Many of the deals we're posting are selling out fast, so we'll be updating this hub around the clock. If you see a deal you like, it may not last long – get involved!

The deals are rolling out and the highlight so far are some tasty offers on electronic drum sets. We'll be keeping this page updated with all the best Cyber Monday drum deals, as they happen.

Cyber Monday deals from around the web

Our top Cyber Monday drum deal picks

PDP New Yorker kit: just $299.99 | save a massive $190
As far as mini kits for small venues and compact spaces go, the PDP New Yorker is a fantastic choice. Read our full review here.  It's available today with $190 in stunning Sapphire Sparkle finish.View Deal

Alesis Nitro Mesh bundle: was $599, now $399.95 @Amazon
This excellent electronic drum set bundle includes apair of drumsticks, Samson SR350 Headphones and a 10ft Hosa 3.5mm interconnect cable for hooking up a music player. What more do you need to start playing drums today?View Deal

Ludwig Backbeat 5-Piece Drum Set: was $429.99, now $299.99
Ludwig is a name synonymous with quality drums, so if you're starting your drumming journey, you really should take a serious look at this offer, which comes complete with all the cymbals and hardware you need.View Deal

Roland TD-17KV kit + pedal + headphones: just $1,199.99
Not only is the TD-17KV an incredible piece of kit that will stick with you throughout your drumming journey, but this mega deal includes a bundle of essential accessories – that's a pedal, headphones, throne and sticks thrown in. Save $243 todayView Deal

Proline snare utility rack: was $109.99 | now $69.99 | $40 off!
What do you buy the drummer who has everything? Our first choice would be this ace snare drum utility rack from Proline. Store multiple securely on this two-tier padded rack.View Deal

Roland TM-6 Trigger Module: $499.99 | Save $320 | 39% off
Take control of your hybrid sounds with this powerful, versatile module. It’s a great tool for live and studio playing and will only make you sound and play better.View Deal

Roland TD-1K e-kit for beginners: save $150, pay just $349
If you're just starting out with the drums, this kit comes highly recommend. It comes with the Roland seal of quality, great pads and hardware, plus a module loaded with learning tools.View Deal

Alesis Command X Mesh E-Drums: was $849.00, now $649.99
Another all-mesh bargain up for grabs this weekend, the Command X trumps The TD-MKX offering in pure numbers, with four cymbal pads and 70 drum kits. Right now you can save a huge $200!View Deal

Roland TD-17KVX: save $199.99 and get free throne!
For just $1799.99 you get fantastic real-feel mesh pads, a super powerful module and, with this ace Cyber Monday deal, a super comfy  Roland hydraulic throne included.View Deal

More amazing Cyber Monday drum deals

Roland TM-1 Trigger Module: $109.99 | Save $70 | 39% off
Kickstart your hybrid set up for a silly price! With such a big saving you could afford to buy a couple of triggers, too.View Deal

Sonor 2000 Series LT hardware pack: save $89 | now $299.99
Sonor is know for making some of the best hardware around. This pack comprises a hi-hat stand, bass drum pedal, snare stand and a pair of cymbal stands.
View Deal

Roland V-Drums TD-17KV: $129.99 off + free drum matt!
This is one of Roland's finest e-kits to date. Highlights include the mesh snare and toms, but it's the revolutionary TD-17 module which is the real winner. On-board you'll find a sound engine based on the TD-50, plus the ability to stream songs and MIDI over Bluetooth.View Deal

Roland TD-17KV e-kit: just $1,199.99, with a FREE drum mat
The TD-17 range hits the sweet spot in Roland’s V-drums range for features, sound and playing experience at an affordable price. Today, the KV edition is $129 off and comes complete with a free drum mat. An unmissable deal!View Deal

Roland RT-MicS Hybrid Drum Module: $169.99 | Save $100
Give your snare sound the boost it deserves with this clever all-in-one hybrid unit. Layer acoustic and electronic sounds, import your own sounds and customise your snare tone!View Deal

Simmons SD600: was $549.99 | now $419.99 | save $130
Simmons has a long and respected history in the electronic drums world. This kit is an absolute bargain for beginners or those needing a cheap home practice kit – mesh heads and user-friendly module, what more could you ask for?View Deal

Roland TD-17KL: just $999.99
Get all the benefits of the TD-17 module, but in a more affordable package. This kit is cheaper due to the rubber tom pads, but you still get a great feeling mesh snare as part of the package.View Deal

Roland TD-25K: $1,999.99 @Sweetwater + free $200 gift card
This e-kit deal is an absolute steal, considering it was originally $2,778.99. A cutting-edge piece of kit for home practice and home recording, the TD-25K features all the power of Roland’s flagship drums in an affordable package. You can use your $200 gift card to pick up some sticks, headphones or a new amp, too!View Deal

Alesis Strike Pro bundle: $2,499.99 | save $122
Not only is this a super-capable kit complete with mesh heads and a powerful module, but this bundle comes complete with a kick pedal, hi-hat stand, throne, AKG K 240 headphones and sticks.View Deal

KAT Percussion KTMP1 drum pad: $20 off @Sweetwater
Kickstart your exploration of hybrid drumming for less than $100 right now with KAT’s versatile, budget percussion pad. Cue one of the 50 built-in sounds, play with sticks or hands and connect a kick drum trigger and a hi-hat controller for hours of experimentation.View Deal

Zildjian 17" S Series Projection Crash; save $45, now $89.95
Round out your kit with a versatile crash that shines for rock, pop, and funk. The Zildjian S Series 17" Projection Crash is made of B12 bronze for full body, controlled bite, and bell-like sustain. This crash is a solid step up into the intermediate cymbal range.View Deal

Sabian 16" XSR Concept Crash Cymbal - was $149.99, now $79.99
The 16" Concept Crash is a new addition to the XSR series Uniform lathing unlocks a hotter, higher-output glassiness and more of that Sabian B20 character you love. 
View Deal

Where can I find the best Cyber Monday drum deals?

The simple answer is ‘everywhere!’. We know how unhelpful that is, so the best place to start is your favourite music retailer. The Guitar Center Cyber Monday deal bonanza is particularly special this year, with other retailers like Sweetwater, Thomann and Musician’s Friend following suit. If you haven’t already, sign up to the mailing list of your favourite shops so you get notified on the best deals first.

It’s easy to forget that online retailers like Amazon and Walmart also sell music gear, so keep an eye out for Walmart and Amazon Cyber Monday drum deals too.

Ploughing through endless deals can be stressful, so if you lack the stamina, our deal hunters will be working round the clock to find the best Cyber Monday drum deals and publishing them right here.

If you’re in the market for new drum gear, we’d highly recommend you bookmark this page, in addition to our main Cyber Monday 2019 hub page.