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The best Cyber Monday drum deals 2020: These drum and percussion savings are still live

The best Cyber Monday drum deals 2020: These drum and percussion savings are still live
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Cyber Monday is over, but there are still some fantastic Cyber Monday drum deals to be had, with fantastic offers on electronic drum sets, acoustic drum kits, snare drums, bass drum pedals and loads more. You can save up to 80% off drums, cymbals, percussion and more in the Sweetwater sale and 15% off qualifying drum gear at Guitar Center with the code BLACKFRIDAY15.

When it comes to Cyber Monday drum deals, there are always big savings to be had on almost anything, whether you’re after a new Zildjian or Sabian cymbal, some fresh Remo or Evans drum heads, a DW bass drum pedal, a new Roland electronic drum set, or maybe even a drum practice pad to work on your chops.

Cyber Monday drum deals: The best deals

Cyber Monday drum deals: Software

Cyber Monday drum deals: Electronic drum sets

Cyber Monday drum deals: Acoustic kits

Cyber Monday drum deals: Cymbals

Cyber Monday drum deals: Hardware

Best Cyber Monday drum deals around the web

Cyber Monday drum deals: When is Cyber Monday?

This year Cyber Monday will fall on Monday 30 November. While this will present a concentrated 24 hours of deals, we're already seeing great Cyber Monday drum deals dropping now, so keep your eyes peeled to ensure you don't miss out on a fantastic pre-Cyber Monday deal.

Cyber Monday drum deals: Where to find the best deals

The simple answer is that deals will be everywhere over the coming weeks. We know how unhelpful that is, so the best place to start should be your favourite music retailer. We predict that the Guitar Center Cyber Monday deal bonanza is going to be particularly special this year, with other retailers like Sweetwater, Pro Audio Star, Sam Ash and Musician's Friend all following suit. If you haven’t already, sign up to the mailing list of your favourite shops so you can get notified on the best deals first.

It’s easy to forget that online retailers like Amazon and Walmart also do a roaring trade in music gear, so keep an eye out for Walmart and Amazon Cyber Monday drum deals too.

Ploughing through endless deals can be stressful, so if you lack the stamina, our deal hunters will be working round the clock to find the best Cyber Monday drum deals and publishing them right here.

Cyber Monday drum deals: What to expect

Alesis Nitro Mesh

(Image credit: Alesis)

Electronic drum sets do a roaring trade around Cyber Monday, so if you’re looking for a great beginner electronic drum set, or you're a seasoned pro looking for a compact kit for quiet home practice, this could be a great time to scoop up a great Cyber Monday electronic drum set deal. 

2019 was a particularly great year for discounts on the Alesis Nitro Mesh kit, with fantastic bundles including sticks and headphones available for under $400. The Roland TD-1K was also dropped to just $349 at Sweetwater for a limited time.

Although the Roland TD-17 V-Drums e-kit was still fairly new around the time of Cyber Monday 2019, last year Pro Audio Star offered the kit with a bonus bass drum pedal, headphones, sticks and a throne for less than $1,200.

November could be a good time to scoop up a Cyber Monday drum set deal, too. Whether you want to add to your snare drum collection, upgrade your cymbals, or treat yourself to a brand new drum kit, there should be a deal for you on great kits from big names like Tama, Mapex, and Pearl Drums. Cyber Monday is also a good opportunity to load up on useful drum accessories, like drum heads, drumsticks, drum cases, hardware and spares.

If you come across a smoking hot deal, our main advice would be not to ponder too long on a purchase as often these deals are stock- or time-limited. We saw plenty of kits sell out last year.

While that might sound like a foolhardy approach, don’t forget that most retailers offer hassle-free returns, meaning you can purchase an item when it’s a good price, then give it a whirl in the privacy of your home. If it’s not for you, you should be fine to return it. Of course, always read the fineprint of the retailer’s return policy before pulling the trigger.

Cyber Monday drum deals: How to prepare

Start drawing up your wishlist today, starting with what you need as opposed to what you want. That way you can avoid getting caught up in Cyber Monday drum deal mania, spending all your cash and ending up with a practice room filled with gear you won’t use.

Take a look at your favourite brands and see what fits the bill. Had your eye on something for a couple of years? It could be due a price-drop for Cyber Monday.

What are you drumming goals for the next year? Perhaps an electronic drum set will help you achieve that? Or maybe a new cymbal will help you expand your creative expression behind the kit?

Whatever your needs, our expert buyer’s guides and reviews should help you zero in on the Cyber Monday drum deals you really need.

Cyber Monday drum deals: What happened last year?

Last year's Cyber Monday drum deals were impressive, but we're hoping to see even bigger offers this year. Some of our favourite Cyber Monday electronic drum set deal highlights included an Alesis Nitro Mesh bundle - including headphones and sticks - dropped from $599 down to $399.95 at Amazon. There was also up to $300 off Roland e-kit bundles.

If you were planning on going hybrid, Roland's innovative gear including the TM-6 and TM-1 Trigger Modules were heavily discounted, the latter dropping to just $109.99.

The biggest Cyber Monday acoustic drum set deal was the popular Ludwig Breakbeats 5-piece dropping to just $299.99 at Guitar Center. If you were looking for a great beginner kit, this was the deal to go for.