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Musician's Friend Cyber Monday deals 2021: what to expect

Musician's Friend Cyber Monday deals 2021: what to expect
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Okay, so Cyber Monday may not be happening for a little while yet, but with a sales event this massive, it really does pay to be prepared. Monday 29 November will see the launch of the highly anticipated Musician's Friend Cyber Monday deals, with huge discounts on everything from the best electric guitars, to the best acoustic guitars for beginners, enticing deals on new electronic drum sets, and even amazing deals on a quality vocal mic - there is sure to be something for every type of musician. 

Traditionally the Musician's Friend Cyber Monday sale has been a fantastic place for guitarists, drummers, bass players, and producers to pick up next-level deals on everything needed to create music. So, read on to see the best way to prepare for this epic sale. 

Musician’s Friend Cyber Monday deals 2021: Latest deals

Musician’s Friend Cyber Monday deals 2021: FAQ

Cyber Monday is the name given to the Monday that follows Black Friday and is so named because it celebrates online shopping with massive discounts across a wide range of products.  

This year, Cyber Monday 2021 takes place on Monday 29 November and will last for that day only, and by the close of business, it will all be over, and retailers will be gearing up to launch their final pre-Christmas sales. 

We expect the Musician’s Friend Cyber Monday deals to be just as good - if not better - than last year, so prepare yourself for a bumper crop of deals toward the end of November. 

Musician’s Friend Cyber Monday deals 2021: what to expect

Musician’s Friend had a strong Cyber Monday sale last year, with plenty of guitar deals across a range of top brands including Fender, Yamaha, Gretsch, and others. Plus, it ran offers across a variety of other music-making areas too, so your entire band could have found gear for less among the previous crop of Musician’s Friend Cyber Monday deals.

There were also meaty 15% discounts on all qualifying orders of $99 and above with a Musician’s Friend coupon, in addition to killer deals on individual products such as $120 off a Martin guitar and $170 off a monstrous Schecter. 

That’s why we’re fairly confident that we’ll see more of the same from this year’s Musician’s Friend Cyber Monday sale.

Musician’s Friend Cyber Monday deals 2021: how to prepare

The golden rule when hunting for Cyber Monday music deals is to know what you're looking for. Whether you're a guitarist, bassist, drummer, producer or DJ, think about what you need to improve your music-making life and then start researching it. 

This will save you a lot of time when the Musician's Friend Cyber Monday deals start rolling in, as you'll quickly be able to decide what's relevant to you and what you can happily ignore with a feeling of FOMO. Also, ensure you're aware of a product’s RRP and recent prices. That way you'll know how good the deal really is when you see it reduced on Cyber Monday. After all, some supposed 'savings' aren't everything that they seem.

The good news is that you can easily find out what the best music-making products are by checking out our massive range of buyer’s guides. These include the likes of:

Musician’s Friend Cyber Monday deals 2021: how to spot a good deal

This is easy: bookmark this page and keep checking back regularly, as we'll be monitoring the site and curating only the very best Musician's Friend Cyber Monday deals that go live in the run-up to Monday 29 November. They will all be listed here, and we'll be eyeballing them across guitars, drums, software and plugins, keys, and accessories so that you don't miss a thing.

In addition to manually combing through the Musician's Friend sale for unmissable Cyber Monday offers, our shopping software will be scanning a shed load of other websites for the best prices on any products we feature here. That means not only will you get the top Musician's Friend Cyber Monday offers, you might also see competing deals for other musical instrument retailers, depending on the products featured.

It's worth noting that Musician's Friend isn't the only music retailer getting in on the action, so check out our other retailer-specific pages below for more outrageous deals.  

Musician’s Friend Cyber Monday deals 2021: Last year's top deals

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