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US Black Friday guitar deal: Save up to $1,180 on Gibson's 2018 electric, acoustic and bass guitars

Here on MusicRadar, in the build up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and throughout the Holiday season, we'll be bringing you the best deals on musical instruments of all kinds for US-based musicians, drummers, guitarists and producers. Click here for all the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals in the US.

As the company's 2019 range currently finds its way into stores across the world, Gibson’s 2018 guitars are subject to some pretty tasty discounts.

Over at Guitar Center, there are an incredible 70 electric, acoustic and bass guitar models reduced, spanning classic designs like the Les Paul, SG, Explorer, Flying V, Hummingbird, J-45 and much more.

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Okay, so the biggest price cuts are on the proper expensive stuff - such as the Limited Edition Doves in Flight 12-string, down $1,180 to $6,669 from $7,849 - but there are some solid deals to be had further down the range, too.

Here are some highlights…

  • Gibson Les Paul Faded 2018 - down $150 to $839
  • Gibson Explorer 2018 - down $250 to $1,399
  • Gibson Les Paul Classic Player Plus 2018 - down $300 to $1,699
  • Gibson SG Standard HP 2018 - down $600 to $1,599
  • Gibson J-45 Walnut Avant Garde 2018 - down $300 to $1,699
  • Gibson ES-335 Dot 2018 - down $900 to $1,999
  • Gibson Les Paul Standard 2018 - down $500 to $2,799
  • Gibson Hummingbird 2018 - down $580 to $3,269

There are plenty more bargains to be found, of course - happy hunting…