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US Black Friday guitar deal: Get an ESP LTD Iron Cross, BK-600 or EC-1000VB for just $678 each

Here on MusicRadar, in the build up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and throughout the Holiday season, we'll be bringing you the best deals on musical instruments of all kinds for US-based musicians, drummers, guitarists and producers. Click here for all the best Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals in the US.

We’ve seen some ace Black Friday deals so far, but these discounts on ESP LTD’s iconic Eclipse electric guitar really rule the roost, with three top-spec models available heavily discounted.

Walmart is selling James Hetfield’s Iron Cross signature and the EC-1000VB Eclipse for $678 each, while Bill Kelliher’s signature BK-600 clocks in at $649.

That’s $307 off the EC-1000VB, $390 off the BK-600 and a whopping $521 off the Iron Cross.

All three guitars share mahogany bodies and necks, and come with hardcases, but the difference lie in the top-notch pickups that feature in each model: you’ll get the EMG 81/60 set in the EC, EMG’s Het Set in the Iron Cross, and Kelliher’s signature Lace Sensor Dissonant Aggressors in the BK.

This might just be the best deal this Black Friday for metal guitarists. Stocks are already running low, so you’d best get in there fast…