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Black Friday guitar deals: make huge savings on guitars, effects pedals, guitar amps, accessories and more

Black Friday guitar deals: make huge savings on guitars, effects pedals, guitar amps, accessories and more
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Unless you've been living under a rock for the last month, you should be aware that Black Friday 2019 and Cyber Monday are almost here. While the official Cyber Weekend dates are 29 November to 2 December, the Black Friday guitar deals are already coming in thick and fast from everyone from Amazon to Sweetwater.

When it comes to Black Friday guitar offers, there are always big savings to be had at this time of year, whether you’re after a new Fender Stratocaster, plumping for a Gibson Les Paul or SG, hunting for some fresh nw FX for your pedalboard or finally grabbing that sweet new guitar amp you've been hanging on for.

The best pre-Black Friday guitar deals

The Black Friday guitar deals are already starting to roll in. Throughout November and beyond we'll be rounding up the very best deals on electric and acoustic guitars, amps, effects pedals, guitar accessories and more right here.

Fender Limited Edition Player Stratocaster: $774.99 $479.99
This beautiful Strat in Lake Placid Blue is an absolute steal at under $500! We highly rate this guitar and so will you once you get your hands on one.View Deal

Fender Limited Edition Player Telecaster: $774.99 $479.99
An unbelievably great value Black Friday deal if you've been considering getting a new Telecaster. Where else can you get a brand new Tele for under $500 right now?View Deal

Get $350 off Bill Kelliher’s signature ESP, now just $799
The Mastodon riff master’s signature guitar - complete with a pair of ace Kelliher signature Lace Sensor Dissonant Aggressor humbuckers - has a laser-focus on hammering out heavy riffs.View Deal

ESP LTD Javier Reyes Signature JR-608: was $1,599, now $999
This 8-string solidbody electric delivers amazing versatility and tone for creative players, thanks to a Hipshot bridge and Custom Javier Reyes signature DiMarzio pickups.View Deal

ESP LTD Viper-400M: was $699, now $499
Get your horns up for this hard-rocking mahogany monster from ESP. A thin mahogany neck and extra-jumbo frets are ideal for fast technical riffing, while the Natural Satin finish gives this guitar classic looks.View Deal

ESP LTD EC-Black Metal left-handed: was $799, now $549
On-board this stealthy guitar you'll find a Seymour Duncan Black Winter bridge humbucker for heaping on the extreme metal tone, plus a set neck for epic sustain.View Deal

Orange Brent Hinds Terror amp: was $749, now just $599
A must-have for any Mastodon fan hoping to crank up their own blood and thunder – or anyone on the lookout for a two-channel, lunchbox head with enough low-end to move mountains.View Deal

Martin Custom D Classic Mahogany: was $1,199, now $999.99
It would be easy to spend four times as much as this on a Martin acoustic guitar, but this budget option looks, feels and sounds impressively close to their most classic instruments.View Deal

Epiphone Les Paul Custom Pro Koa: was $649, now only $529
Easily one of the most versatile electric guitars ever to bear the Les Paul logo, available in a mouth-watering natural finish.View Deal

Pro Co Evolution Studio/Stage Cable: was $57.99, now $24.99
If you on the lookout for one of the best guitar cables but don't want to break the bank, this 10ft option from Guitar Center could be just the thing you need.View Deal

D'Angelico Premier Series DC: save $250, now $549.99
Save a massive $250 on this special Guitar Center exclusive
semi-hollow guitar with Seymour Duncan P-90s and a choice of
two stunning colour finishes. View Deal

Get a Martin Special 000 X1AE electro acoustic for $499

Save $100 on this excellent folk-size 000 Martin View Deal

Get a Martin Special Dreadnought X1AE electro acoustic for $499

Save $100 on this excellent Martin all-rounder View Deal

Where can I find the best Black Friday guitar deals?

All the big players will be slashing their prices, if previous years are anything to go by. We're pretty confident that the Guitar Center Black Friday deal offering will be particularly deep this year, with other outfits like Sweetwater, Thomann and Musician’s Friend following suit. If you haven’t already, sign up to the mailing list of your favorite music shops so you get notified on the best deals first.

And don't forget that online retailers like Amazon and Walmart also sell loads of music gear, including guitars and accessories, so keep an eye out for Walmart and Amazon Black Friday guitar deals too. Amazon have just announced that this year their Black Friday sales will kick off properly on 22 November. 

If that sounds like a lot to keep an eye on, it really is! That's why you can rely on the MusicRadar team to ferret out all the best Black Friday guitar deals and publish them right here.

If you're in the market for new guitar gear, we’d highly recommend you bookmark this page, in addition to our main Black Friday 2019 hub. When Black Friday rolls around, these pages will be the place to find the best Black Friday music deals.

Black Friday guitar, pedal and amplifier deals: what to expect

So, what sort of Black Friday guitar deals can you expect? 

Last year, Fender knocked a generous 10% off of its entire range of guitars, amps and accessories as part of a campaign to promote their Fender Play service. We'd be far from amazed if they matched or bettered that for Black Friday 2019, given the energy they're already putting into pushing sign-ups. The big F also slashed up to $100 from ticket prices right across its Special Edition Deluxe and Standard models.

So how will a rejuvenated Gibson respond for Black Friday 2019? We can't wait to find out. We'll be waiting with our wallets at the ready.

November could also be a good time to scoop up a great Black Friday acoustic guitar deal, too. Last year, at the top of the market you could have saved a stunning $859 (yes, $859) on a Martin 00-28, while at the more affordable end, there were loads of budget acoustic guitar deals to choose from.

Black Friday is also the perfect time to check out deals on guitar accessories like strings, picks, strap, pedalboards, pedalboard power supplies and more. This is where Amazon and Walmart often come into their own.

If you do come across a smoking hot deal, our main advice would be not to ponder too long on a purchase as often these deals are stock- or time-limited.

That might sound like a crazy approach, but don’t forget that fierce competition means that most retailers now offer hassle-free returns, meaning you can purchase an item at a tempting price, and try it out at home. If it’s not for you, you should be fine to return it. Of course, always read the fine print of your supplier's return policy before taking the plunge.

How can I prepare for Black Friday?

Start drafting your Black Friday guitar wishlist today, beginning with what you actually need as opposed to what you just want. That way you can avoid getting caught up in GAS-powered deal mania, spending all your cash and ending up with a practice room filled with guitars and guitar gear you simply won’t use.

Take a look at your favorite guitar brands and see what fits the bill. Had your eye on some new gear for a couple of years? It could be due a price-drop ready for the big Black Friday guitar sale.

What do you want out of your guitar journey next year? Maybe a new acoustic guitar could open up new paths, or a new fuzz pedal could kick-start your sound? Or maybe, just maybe, what you really need is that new electric guitar and amplifier combo for a totally fresh start.

Whatever your needs, our expert buyer’s guides should help you zero in on the Black Friday guitar deals you really need.