Welcome to Sampling Week

The concept of sampling is one that we’re all familiar with, but it means different things to different people.

For some, it’s about taking a loop from a well- or little-known song and using it as the basis for a new track. Others prefer to process their samples until they’re completely unrecognisable, seeing them as a starting point for experimental sound design. And then there’s multisampling, the art of recording an instrument at a wide range of velocities and pitches so that it can be replayed across a keyboard.

We could go on, but the upshot of all this is that most of us, sometimes without even thinking about it, use sampling in one way or another. In celebration of this fact - and with the aim of expanding your creative horizons - MusicRadar is bringing you Sampling Week, a five-day blowout of tutorials, tips, features and - of course - samples.

We’ll update this page with new content as it’s published, so keep checking back throughout the week.

Sampling Week

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