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Last Chance! Waves' 60%-off Black Friday plugins sale ends today!

Waves just slashed an additional 60% off its plugins for Black Friday
(Image credit: Waves)

Today (Sunday) is your last chance to grab a massive 60% discount on 230 already dirt cheap plugins and bundles.

Waves doesn't need any excuse to discount its products, but since the Black Friday plugin deals are in full flow, we'd expect nothing less from the masters of the software sale. 

And this after Waves also announced it's teaming-up with Chris Lorde Alge to release a FREE plugin for Black Friday - another generous offer that expires today. 

Hit the link below to start shopping now.

And boy, is that axe sharp. First, Waves has already applied a meaty discount to its regular prices, but by using the code BF60 at the checkout, you can wipe hundreds of dollars off the price of all of Waves' plugins and bundles.

But it doesn't stop there, because true-to-form, Waves is offering even more free plugins when you make a purchase. Spend over $50 and you can choose a free plugin, spend over $90 and you can choose two. You can repeat this as many times as you like too, so browse, plan your purchases and make out like a bandit while knowing it's all bought, but only some of it is paid for.

There are 230 plugins included in the BF60 offer. To give you an idea of just how crazy the prices are, take the Horizon Bundle: down from its full price of $3,999 to just $274.99. The SSL 4000 Collection normally retails for $749, but here it's $89.99, and the Chris Lorde Alge Signature Series bundle will cost you just $59.99 instead of $399.

There's no shortage of single plugins either. The extremely popular Vocal Rider is down from $249 to just $35.99 with the BF60 code, and the Sheps Omni-Channel will set you back $35.99 instead of $149. Waves has also included everything from classic emulations like the J37 Tape plugin, to Abbey Road Mastering Chain and SSL G-Master Buss Compressor, all at a fraction of their usual price. We don't think Waves is going to top this, so stock up on plugins now!  

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