Treat the musician in your life to quality lessons with up to $100 off an ArtistWorks gift card this Christmas

Treat the musician in your life to quality lessons with up to $100 off an ArtistWorks gift card this Christmas
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Well, the big day is drawing ever closer, and right now, you are probably in full festive mode - and by that, we mean frantically trying to find the perfect gifts for all of your family members among problematic stock levels and prolonged delivery times. Well, don’t worry, we may have found a fantastic deal that’ll allow you to treat the musician in your life as well as save money - with no need to wait for it to be delivered. One of the leading online lesson platforms, ArtistWorks, is currently offering the gift of better musicianship this Christmas, as right now, you can save big on ArtistWorks gift cards, with $50 off a 6-month certificate and $100 off the 12-month option

With an emphasis on world-class tutors, ArtistWorks allows you to learn everything from electric guitar to bass guitar, banjo to the piano and a whole lot more, with a few famous faces - such as shred guitar icon Paul Gilbert and Grammy award-winning Jazz pianist George Whitty - among the teachers. In addition, this premium lesson site uses “video exchange learning” to ensure you get personalized tutoring. You simply film yourself playing and upload it to the site, and you’ll receive a response critiquing your technique, just like a one-to-one lesson. This really helps ArtistWorks stand out from the crowd and sets it apart from the impersonal approach of its competitors. 

If you are looking for more learning platforms, be sure to check out our top pick for the best online guitar lessons and what we believe are the best online piano lessons out there right now - and if you need more Christmas present inspiration you can always check out our guide to the best gifts for musicians.  

ArtistWorks 6-month Gift Card: Was $179, now $129

ArtistWorks 6-month Gift Card: Was $179, now $129
They can learn everything from rock to jazz, blues to classical, and all from titans of the industry. With courses to suit every playing level - and style - they are sure to become the guitarist they always wanted to be with ArtistWorks - and better yet you can save $50 on a 6-month gift card using code GIVE6 at checkout.  

ArtistWorks 12-month Gift Card: $279,

ArtistWorks 12-month Gift Card: $279, now $179
For us, this may be the best deal on offer. For an extra $50, they'll receive an entire year of lessons - it’s a no-brainer, really. To save $100 off a 12-month gift card, use code GIVE12 at checkout. 

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