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Black Friday software deal: SoundSpot is offering an eye-watering 99% off several plugins, with a slew of £1/$1 deals

SoundSpot has put some of its products to the Black Friday sword with a humongous 99% off the Nebula FX collection, Orbit transient designer, Velo limiter and much more.

And the deals don’t end there. The likes of the FireFly bus compressor and Glitch FX are a very respectable 90%, down to £6 and £5 respectively.

If you’re feeling like you can’t decide on which products to pull the trigger on and already own a SoundSpot product, there’s also the choice of picking up the Producer Bundle for just £39, a saving of 89%. The bundle consists of the Paradox, FireFly, Glitch, MSW2 and Axis.

All of the offers are going to be live until 11 January 2019 and you will find them all on the Plugin Boutique and SoundSpot websites.

Looking for more great deals on software and plugins? With Black Friday 2019 and Cyber Monday fast approaching, it could be worth waiting to see what the best Black Friday plugin deals deliver.

SoundSpot Nebula FX 99% off - now just £1/$1
The Nebula is a multi fx plugin that features a stereo delay, chorus, flanger, filter & LFO, that can be used to add some serious sonic madness to your music.View Deal

SoundSpot Orbit transient designer 99% off - now just £1/$1
The Orbit is a simple, lightweight tool that will help boost your transients and add bite to your mixes. Under the hood you’ll find the same DSP used in the Velo limiter.View Deal

SoundSpot Velo limiter 99% off - now just £1/$1
Velo is a brickwall limiter for maximising loudness, that features different options to influence colouration and transient preservation.View Deal

SoundSpot FireFly compressor now just £6 - 90% off
There’s a jaw-dropping 90% off Soundspot’s FireFly bus compressor plugin, which means you can get your copy for just £6.View Deal

SoundSpot Glitch FX now just £5 - 90% off
Glitch is an FX plugin that lets you bring rhythm and movement to your mixes, featuring a host-synced trance-gate and multi-tab delay, and the signature ‘glitch’ effect that rhythmically alters the playback speed of your track in real-time.View Deal

SoundSpot Producer Bundle - 89% crossgrade offer
Already own a SoundSpot product? Then you can pick up the Producer Bundle for just £39, a saving of 89%. The bundle consists of the Paradox, FireFly, Glitch, MSW2 and Axis.View Deal

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