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Waves has dropped a massive 40% off plugins and bundles sale for Prime Day

Waves has dropped a massive 40% off plugins and bundles sale for Prime Day
(Image credit: Waves)

Waves has only just finished previewing its forthcoming Black Friday deals, but as most music-makers know they're not shy of a sale or two. So with the Prime Day music deals in full swing, the plugin giant has launched a new 40% off plugins sale. 

All you need to do is head to the Waves sale page and load your basket with ace plugins like the best-selling Waves Gold package, OVox vocal resynthesizer or Abbey Road Studio 3. Add the code CREATE40 at checkout and you'll see the discounts applied.

Save 40% on Waves plugins, get up to two plugins for FREE!
Use the coupon code CREATIVE40 when you checkout to get your 40% discount on plugins and bundles. Spend $50 or more and you'll receive an email after checkout to select your FREE plugin (any plugin with a “with coupon” price of up to $29.99). Spend over $90 and you can make that TWO FREE PLUGINS!View Deal

But there's more! If you’ve made a purchase of $50 or more, you’ll receive an email after checkout enabling you to select an additional plugin for free, up to a “with coupon” price of $29.99. Spend over $90 and you'll have your pick of two free plugins!

When you consider how much great stuff is on offer right now, it shouldn't be too difficult to fill your basket with plugins totaling north of $50. We've included quick links to some of our favourites below.

Prime Day plugin sale highlights

Get Waves Gold for just $149.99, save $650
Get stuck into 42 plugins used by everyone from bedroom to pro producers. These studio essentials will help you supercharge your mixes.View Deal

Abbey Road Collection: was $1,599, now just $197.99
This pack was developed in association with Abbey Road Studios and features a lineup of plugins that meticulously model the studios’ legendary rooms, microphones, consoles, tape machines and signature effects, for use on your own recordings.View Deal

Waves Vocal bundle, save $86: Was $499, now $68.99
Singers are great, but boy, can their vocals be hard work. The Vocal bundle from Waves arms you with 7 powerful vocal processing tools: DeBreath, Doubler, Rennaissance Axx compressor, Renaissance DeEsser, Waves Tune and Renaissance Chanel (EQ, compression and gating). Between these, you can polish your vocal takes to the next level while maintaining a natural sound.View Deal

Waves SSL G-Channel, save 86%: Was $249, now $35.99
SSL revolutionised the large-format mixing console with its SL 4000 series desks. Now, you can get your own channel strip featuring models of the filtering, EQ, compression and expander/gate found on every channel. You’ll use it on everything, and wonder how you did without it.View Deal

Waves Kramer Master Tape, save $88: Was $249, now $29.99
Everyone loves tape, don’t they? If you want to use words like ‘warm’, ‘analog’ and ‘fat’ when referring to your recordings then why not treat yourself to this emulation of Eddie Kramer’s (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones) favorite 1/4” reel-to-reel tape machine from Olympic Studios in London. View Deal

Waves CLA Guitars, save 70%: Was $99, now $29.99
Fact: Chris Lorde-Alge has mixed a lot of your favorite modern rock albums. Here, you can apply the CLA gold to your own recordings. There’s no amp modeling, this plugin is focused on the mixing side of music creation with easy-to-use compression, EQ, ambience and pitch controls based on Chris’ processing chain and techniques. $30 for a veneer of a Grammy Award-winning mix engineer? Get clicking.View Deal

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