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Save up to $100 on Shure studio headphones in this Prime Day-beating deal

Shure SRH Headphones deal
(Image credit: Shure)

A great pair of studio headphones is a must-have for any musician. Whether you’re using them to mix your next Grammy winner, monitor your recording sessions or just to listen to some of your favourite bangers, there’s no excuse to go without. And now, there really is no excuse - with massive savings of up to $100 off a range of Shure SRH headphones

Musician’s Friend knows that not everybody has the time to scout around and do the research when looking to upgrade their studio headphones, so they’ve done all the hard work for you - offering up five brilliant pairs of Shure cans, at four ultra-tempting price points. 

With Prime Day on the horizon we’re expecting to see more great offers on studio headphones. We’ll be sharing all the best ones on our Prime Day music deals page.