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Save up to 75% off studio headphones in Sweetwater’s epic spring sale

Save up to 75% off studio headphones in Sweetwater’s epic spring sale
(Image credit: Mackie, Blue Microphones, AKG )

Any music producer worth their salt will tell you how important a good quality set of studio headphones is and how owning a pair can take your mixes to a whole new level. Now might be the perfect time to take the plunge with Sweetwater offering up to 75% off a range of headphones from brands including Beyerdynamic, AKG and Blue Microphones. 

Sweetwater’s ‘Spring into Sound’ sale isn’t just focused on great headphones deals, but everything you need to give your home studio a facelift from microphones and mixers, to software and audio interfaces. You have until March 31st to give your studio a spring clean and get it ready for your new gear.

Below we’ve handpicked our favourite headphones deals. 

AKG K175 Closed-Back Headphones: Was $79, now $39
For a lot of people, if they think headphones, they think AKG. This isn’t all that surprising when you consider that the first set of AKG headphones hit the market in 1949! These sleek foldable headphones offer the same flat frequency response you’d find from a great set of studio monitors but with the K175s you can take them anywhere with you.  View Deal

AKG K361-BT Closed-back Headphones: Was $129, now $99
Studio quality headphones, added Bluetooth functionality and $30 off, what more do you need? Featuring a large 50mm driver with oxygen-free copper coils and a closed-back design, these headphones really do deliver on sound quality. The dual functionality gives you the best of both worlds: for mixing you can utilize the traditional jack to jack cable and when you are out and about you can sync them directly to your smartphone via Bluetooth.  View Deal

Mackie MC-450 Open-back Headphones: Was $299.99, $199.99
Mackie sure knows a thing or two about audio quality having been leaders in the PA world for decades. It should come as no surprise that they apply the same quality and expertise to their headphones. These incredibly comfortable options come loaded with 42mm drivers, giving them a very even and clear response, ideal for mixing. They also come with a very handy carry case.View Deal

Blue Mics Ella Premium Planar Headphones: $699.99, $399.99
Beloved by studio engineers across the globe for their highly articulate mics: Blue Microphones apply the same level of detail and craftsmanship to their premium headphones. A 250mW audiophile-quality amplifier gives you unparalleled detail and transparency, while the multi-jointed headband and ergonomic design give you an especially comfortable listening experience. If you are in the market for a rather special set of headphones at a fantastic price, then look no further. View Deal

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