Musical instrument sales and software downloads surge during coronavirus lockdown

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As we all know, the COVID-19 pandemic is both a health and economic crisis, but it seems that the musical instrument sector may be holding up better than most. In fact, it turns out that it may be experiencing some significant growth. 

Rolling Stone reports that multiple US retailers are seeing more sales of the likes of guitars, synths, MIDI keyboards, drum machines and other products, while Apple has confirmed that there have been almost 13 million GarageBand sound library downloads since the start of February. The Logic Pro X user base, meanwhile, has been boosted by Apple’s decision to offer a 90-day free trial of the DAW.

Retailers are noting a particular rise in sales of studio and pro audio gear, with the likes of guitarists and drummers buying their first audio interface or microphone in a bid to make music at home using a computer. With time on their hands, players and performers are turning themselves into producers, too. 

All of this tallies with MusicRadar’s experience: we’ve seen a massive year-on-year rise in traffic to our product buying guides, with people keen to seek out the best deals on the best products.

Interest in our guide to online piano lessons has surged during the pandemic, too, as keyboard players replace face-to-face tuition with digital alternatives. If you want to start playing or recording at home, here are some of our most useful guides.

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