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Learn guitar with a massive 50% off Fender Play for Black Friday

(Image credit: Fender)

If you've ever wanted to to learn guitar or help someone else to, Fender has just unveiled an absolute bargain for you this Black Friday with a half price offer on an annual subscription its Fender Play online guitar lessons.

Fender Play is a fantastic way to get to grips with chords, techniques and great songs with a roster of experienced teachers helping you progress with your guitar playing fast.

Fender are offering a huge 50% saving on an annual Fender Pay subscription; down from $/£89.99 to just $/£44.99. And you'll have the added bonus benefit of getting 10% off Fender gear as a Fender Play member. 

Learn at your own pace, wherever you are, and there's also no pressure with the option to cancel at any time. 

You've got nothing to lose here but a lot to gain – especially with that 10% discount off guitars, amps and pedals too! 

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Rob Laing

I'm the Guitars Editor for MusicRadar, handling news, reviews, features, tuition, advice for the strings side of the site and everything in between. Before that I worked on guitar magazines for 15 years, including Editor of Total Guitar.