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MusicRadar's 12 days of Christmas

MusicRadar has Christmas goodies for you
MusicRadar has Christmas goodies for you

As you've probably noticed by now, Christmas is coming - and to celebrate, we're presenting MusicRadar's 12 days of Christmas.

Every day running up to Christmas Eve, MusicRadar will have some special festive content, including a YouTube-busting rundown of the best and worst Christmas songs ever, cool stocking filler ideas for musicians and our Christmas gifts for the stars (with an extra-special treat for a Ringo Starr).

The holiday line-up doesn't stop on Christmas Day either - keep MusicRadar bookmarked for our massive 2008 Review, our gear of the year, and then our brain-mulching 101 facts you never knew about music. It will make you look super-smart as we all head to 2009.

Merry Christmas everybody!

1st day of Christmas - 13th Dec

7 Xmas gift ideas for Radiohead fanatics
10 essential stocking fillers for guitarists

2nd day of Christmas - 14th Dec

10 essential stocking fillers for music techheads
10 essential stocking fillers for drummers

3rd day of Christmas - 15th Dec

14 fab Xmas gift ideas for Beatles obsessives

4th day of Christmas - 16th Dec

The best guitar gear of 2008

5th day of Christmas - 17th Dec

The best drum gear of 2008

6th day of Christmas - 18th Dec

The best hi-tech gear of 2008

7th day of Christmas - 19th Dec

14 surprisingly excellent Christmas songs

8th day of Christmas - 20th Dec

14 devastatingly bad Christmas songs

9th day of Christmas - 21st Dec

Christmas gifts for rockstars: what they really deserve

10th day of Christmas - 22nd Dec

The best of YouTube: Christmas special

11th day of Christmas - 23 Dec

MusicRadar's Christmas turkeys

12th day of Christmas - 24 Dec

MusicRadar's Christmas crackers

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