Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2018 are coming: here’s all you need to know to get the best deals


There are two dates you need to save in your diaries: Friday 23 November and Monday 26 November 2018. Of course, we are referring to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the biggest digital shopping events on the calendar. Whether you happen to be a retailer, credit card company, or just a deal-hungry consumer, it really is the most wonderful time of the year. 

Black Friday music instrument deals are getting better year on year, but the sheer volume of deals for guitarists, drummers, DJs and producers can be overwhelming.

Swathes of manufacturers, developers and retailers will be kicking off the pre-Christmas shopping season, all vying for your attention and hard-earned dollar with eye-catching deals.

However, not all deals are that much of a big deal, so here at MusicRadar we are committed in highlighting the best savings in the US on guitars, amps, effects, drums, cymbals, synths, keyboards, mixers, DJ equipment, software, plugins and much more. So whether you're after the hottest Black Friday audio interface deal, or hanging on until the Cyber Monday deals for drummers kick in (sorry), we're here to help.

How, you might ask? Well, we will be doing our best to scour the web for the best deals on music gear as the days unfold. We’ll be updating our Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals pages regularly and putting a spotlight on some of the bigger discounts that you just cannot ignore.

In 2017, some of the heavyweight retailers such as Amazon, Sweetwater, Sam Ash and Guitar Center were offering, at times, more than 50% discount on products. Some of the biggest deals we saw were on the likes of the Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut 2015 Electric Guitar, going for $579 from $1,832 at Sam Ash, and the Hybrid 3 synth by AIR Music Technology, which was a jaw-dropping 99% off at Plugin Boutique, down to just $1.33.

So will we be seeing more of the same this year? In a word, yes. In fact, it may just even eclipse last year, with even more retailers and manufacturers getting in on the act, many of whom may offer extra discounts at the checkout. So rest assured, if we hear about it, we’ll let you know.


While we will be bringing you deals galore, there are some things we are unable to control. Such a busy time of online consumerism will attract some shifty folk; people who will be trying their best in doing you out of your money. So be sure that your anti-malware software is up to date, as phishers, fraudsters and scammers will be looking to target the most vulnerable.

Do your homework, too, as some manufacturers may inflate their prices just before the holiday season, just to make some deals look more attractive than others. Websites like CamelCamelCamel can show you historical price changes so you can determine if a deal is real.

Of course, it’s not all about music equipment as there will be an even more phenomenal number of deals to be had on all tech and home products. To help you with that, check out our sister site TechRadar for the latest discounts on that 4K HDR OLED TV you’ve always wanted. Not to mention iPhone X deals, now that Apple has announced the new Xs, Xs Max and XR phones. 

Until then, get saving, sell all that tired old, worn-out gear, apply for that 0% on purchases credit card and check back with us on Friday 23 November.

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